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saintfan 10-12-2004 04:52 PM

Name that Quote...
Here's one for ya guys.

Who knows Who Said This:

``Quite apparently, we're not getting through to the team...It hasn't changed no matter how hard I've tried to do it, tried to emphasize it. We have periodically gotten better, but then we fall right back into the same thing.''

Hint, this person is an NFL Head Coach, and this comment was made after last Sunday's games.

WhoDat 10-12-2004 05:33 PM

Name that Quote...
Bill Parcells

What was his team\'s record last year? Would you say that have A) more talented players, b) the same talent level, c) less talented players?

saintfan 10-13-2004 09:39 AM

Name that Quote...
This has exaclty NOTHING to do with the talent level of the team...but there you go twisting the statement to fit your argument. Now, as per your usual you\'ll jump on me for not answering your questions, but they have nothing to do with the statement.

This has everything to do with Parcells frustration with his inability to get through to the team.

I recall he was two games better than the Saints...with a MUCH better defense....a defense he essentially inherited. I can name two plays right off that were responsible for two wins. TWO PLAYS. Both of those plays were on special teams where the Saints typically excel (like that word eh?). LOL

saintfan 10-13-2004 09:44 AM

Name that Quote...
Anybody know how many penalties Bill Parcells\' team had last Sunday?

Eleven...11 of \'em. Coaching! Coaching! Coaching!


WhoDat 10-13-2004 10:36 AM

Name that Quote...
Ah, but it goes to the root of the argument does it not? Your implication in creating this thread is obvious - we praise Parcells and attack Haslett. Many of us attack Haslett for this team\'s undisciplined play. You like Haslett and have tried to expunge him of any fault by blaming the players. Your general argument is that Haslett can\'t suit up and play - these guys are professionals and they should be expected not to do things like jump offsides. Haslett shouldn\'t have to coach that - does that accurately summarize your argument?

You purpose now is to try to \"get\" us by showing that Parcells made one comment after one game that sounds a lot like the comments Haslett makes after EVERY game. You\'re trying to show that Parcell\'s team was, on one Sunday, undisciplined, and thus debunk every claim we\'ve ever made about Jim Haslett. Yet, when I try to look at the big picture you say it is irrelevant. Figures - your view has always been myopic.

Try this on for size:

Jim Haslett is in his fifth year in N.O. He\'s rebuilt this team with \"his\" player twice over. He\'s had free reign to bring in whatever players he wanted, whatever coaches he wanted. He got a new facility while at the helm, advisors and coaches come to his aid every year, he has just about total control of this team.

Now, this team still suffers from the same problems that HE created. The defense is terrible right? HE decided to go big. Then HE decided to go fast. If I remember correctly, they were real good when he got here. Set the single season NFL sack record, no? The team remains undisciplined. You think that has nothing to do with the coach? That\'s just naieve or you have an AGENDA.

Poor Haslett is just unlucky right. He brought in these great players who all just happen to be inherently undisciplined. It has nothing to do with the environment, right? That\'s just silly, but even if it\'s true you still lose. Haslett\'s only fault may be that he\'s unlucky, but even so, I\'ve had just about enough of him making the SAINTS unlucky too.

Now, you want to take one game in which Dallas played poorly and try to use Parcells to defend Haslett. You can try, but you fail. Think Parcells will correct any problems they may have in the next, say, four years? This will be fixed next week. Go ahead and avoid my questions - I would too if I were you.

shreveportsaint 10-13-2004 10:47 AM

Name that Quote...
It\'s hard to compare Has & Parcells. How can you compare the records at all? I have a feeling that this Saints team would have a different record w/Parcells in charge. Alot of the guys here would either shut up & do their job, or they\'d be gone. The Saints have alot of guys that think they need to remind everyone they\'ve gotten a first down when they make a catch. I guess maybe they think we didn\'t see it. Parcells seems to be able to make his guys shut up & play ball.....see Antoinio Bryant. You can partially blame mental breakdowns on coaching. If a coach doesn\'t preach discipline during the week, it\'ll show on Sundays. It\'s DEFINITELY been showing on Sunday for the Saints!!

whodatsaintsfan26 10-13-2004 10:51 AM

Name that Quote...
I live in Dallas and listen to Parcells daily. He preaches discipline and the cowboys lead the league in penaltys. A coach can stress it all he wants, but if the players dont stress it on the field then that says something about them. I think its the state of the NFL. A group of babies that cry when they dont get their way. The giants players were filing greivences on Couglin and publicly talking bad about him, but now their winning you dont hear anything about it. Winning cures all problems.

WhoDat 10-13-2004 11:23 AM

Name that Quote...

He preaches discipline and the cowboys lead the league in penaltys.
Not unless is lying to me.

[Edited on 13/10/2004 by WhoDat]

saintfan 10-13-2004 01:16 PM

Name that Quote...
I like how you blame Jim for EVERYTHING. There were changes made by folks not named Jim, but you refuse to post that.

Anyway, here\'s somthing else to chew on that I posted a while back. And I\'m not trying to \"get\" anybody or the \"us\" you keep referring to in an attempt to draw some sort of line in the sand. Bill said what he said din\'t he? LMAO


These numbers are all from ESPN.COM, so you guys can validate \'em if necessary. I thought I\'d take a look at two guys that have coached a team to the Superbowl and compare their numbers to Jim Haslett\'s over the first 4 years of their careers as a HC. Here\'s they they stack up. Judge for yourself. If I look at these numbers I come to the conclusion that Haz hasn\'t done so bad, but you be the judge. Grated, each coach has had different players to work with, and I guarantee Whodat\'s first comment will be that Haz has had the better players, but lets remember he\'s ALSO the guy (along with Gator and a few, select others) that doesn\'t think Haz has a clue in the draft room either. Anway...on to the numbers:

Parcells...first 4 years 83-86...he went 36-27 in 63 games...his career .pct is .582...In 16 years he\'s been in the playoffs 9 times and out 7, and in three of those 7 he was booted in the first round. In the first 4 yeras he was 5-2 in the playoffs.

Bilichick...first 4 years 91-94...he went 30-33 in 63 games...his career .pct is .521...In 9 years he\'s been in the playoffs 3 times and out 9. In his first 4 years he was 1-1 in the playoffs.

Haslett...first 4 years 00-03...he went 34-30 in 64 games...his career .pct is .531...In 4 years he\'s been in the playoffs 1 time and out 3. In his first 4 years he is 1-1 in the playoffs.

Maybe these numbers don\'t tell you a thing, or maybe Parcells has the edge in playoff wins (obviously), but the overall record for these three men is VERY similar. Haz is 4 games better than Bilichick and a mere 2 games off the pace set by the great Bill Parcells. Just something to chew on as the dog days drag on by.

saintz08 10-13-2004 05:10 PM

Name that Quote...

Who knows Who Said This:
It is the strangest thing , it just keeps slipping out of my hands ...... ;)

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