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saintz08 12-27-2002 01:43 AM

Notes to Benson
If by chance you are sitting in your office and surfing through the fan sites , to monitor public opinion of your team , take a moment and notice what one fan has noticed about your organization . This is not about a players good or bad points , this is about those that should know when and how to use those players . Lets start with your Head Coach and work our way down .

Head Coach - Haslett
A first time head coach / player in the NFL .
Former Buffalo Bills linebacker and Pittsburgh Steeler defensive coordinator . A man should know his position and former job , but has a defense that continually gives up the run and appears to have linebackers well out of position .We could go into particulars but if you think back to the Viking game , what defensive coordinator would ever allow a linebacker to go man coverage on the most explosive wide receiver in the NFL ?

Offensive coordinator - Mc Carthy
First time offensive coordinator / former quarterbacks coach .
Another first time coaching coordinator , with no prior experience at the position . With all the talent this man has at his disposal , you would think he could put away a few games early .

Defensive coordinator - Venturi
While this is not his first time as a defensive coordinator , review of his past transcript placed him on a Colts team that was terrible . He might be better suited for the position he formerly held as defensive backs coach , he might be in a little over his head as a defensive coordinator .

Assistant head coach / defensive backs coach - Riley
In my humble opinion an offensive coordinator turned defensive backs coach , he has had some experience with defensive backs but has made his claim to fame as an offensive coordinator , to me he seems a man well out of position within the organization .

Linebackers coach - Winston Moss
Limited experience in the NFL and his players not being able to stop the run makes this a questionable call to me .

Do not get me wrong there is what appears to be a good depth at coaching , with stand outs like Sheppard , Atkins and Everest but the general top leadership does not seem capable of compensating for late season changes .

It may be a little simplistic but would you really want your plumber working on your electrical wiring in you home ?? If he did it might work for awhile but how long will it hold up ??To me an offensive coordinator , should be an offfensive coordinator , a man trained in his position and who knows how to get the job done and done right , not a man who know only one aspect of the position he holds . If you are looking for answers to the season , this might be a good place to start .....

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