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dmanlapadu 12-27-2002 03:49 AM

What is wrong???????????????
What is wrong, let me count the ways!!!!
Defense - Heavy Lunch Bunch, is too dang fat, can't move at all, should have tackled Culpepper on that 2 pt conversion (fumble)
Offense, not enough of Deuce, too conservative in fourth quarter, why in the world is Brooks still starting????????
2 of 13, for 13 yards against the Bungles and still on the sidelines smiling, someone needs to ***** slap him in the teeth.
Coaching- is totally horrible, nuff said!!!

All this is why we will not be going to the playoffs again this year, I am so sick and tired of "wait till next year" cliches, it's really getting boring.

At least my AFC team is kicking butt, TITANS ROCK!!!

Brooks, you need to take a lesson from McNair on what it takes to play through pain and still play like a probowler.

And for all you that will try to bash me, kiss my A#$!!!!!

saintz08 12-27-2002 10:18 AM

What is wrong???????????????
There is an old football rule on season play .

Fast start and late fall , the team has some talent playing the ball .

Slow start and late haul , someone knew how too coach that ball .

You can go into training camp and install a few different things , but around midseason the other 31 teams know what you did . How coaching adjusts after that is what makes or breaks the season .

daviddrake2 12-27-2002 10:22 AM

What is wrong???????????????
You\'ll get no lip from me, dmanlapadu. I think you just touched the tip of the iceberg in your post.

The whole defense has played like crap the last couple of games. This is not to say that they were exactly NFL rolemodels the rest of the season. There has been very little pressure from the line, too many missed interception opportunities, far too many incidences where our corners and safties blew coverage and consistently pittiful showings from our secondary as a whole (save one player).

With the best offensive weapons in the NFC (possibly the NFL), we still seem to lack any kind of real offensive attack too often. Why not run Duece more??? Only Hasslet can answer that one. Why not sit Brooks when he starts stinking up the place??? Another one for Has. Why not spread the field with the fantastic receiving corps we have (likle we did in the first half of the season)??? Has again.

How about some onfield, sideline and lockerroom leadership??? Someone or several players should have stepped up a long time ago!

The only real bright spot that has yet to fade is Special Teams. They truly are special this year. Congrats to Lewis and gang for a great year...

Like all armchair quarterbacks, I have my opinions about waht should be changed or fixed to get the SAINTS back on track. But I hope Benson and Hasslet and company has enough common sense and knowledge of the game to figure at least some of this out before it\'s too late. Afterall, how many seasons should SAINTS fans have to suffer before someone figures out the formula for success -- not just early or late season success, but long term?

Happy New Year,

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston (in Louisiana this week)

Rob 12-27-2002 10:47 AM

What is wrong???????????????
To me, the most glaring mistake, if you want to call it that, has been the lack of defensive line gap stunting and the failure to call blitze packages. Several ppl have posted comments that our d-line is too large and slow to beat an o-line and apply pressure to the QB and I agree. Speed is the name of the game. Last year we blitzed alot and were a much better defense but it seems that Haz must think that since he has these 2 fat guys inside that he doesn\'t need to blitze as often. Well, this allows the QB too much time to sit in the pocket and allow receivers to break open. Stunting would also help run defense as well. We have been beaten by mediocre QB\'s because of no pass rush. I think constant blitzing would help the defense but only a QB change now would help the offense. I will be beside myself if the Eagles beat the Giants or if the Falcons lose and Haz starts Brooks and he stinks the place up again. After all, if the Giants lose on Saturday then we\'ll know that we can get in by just winning and this should be enough for Brooks to have one of the best games of his career. I\'d give him 2 possessions to get an offensive TD and if he can\'t produce then make the change. Waiting til mid second half to make a change would be too late and not fair to Jake.
This weekend\'s game will say something about the character of Brooks and Haz.

Covsaint 12-28-2002 08:26 AM

What is wrong???????????????
Our defense is as bad as it was all year. No big change there.
It\'s our offense that\'s fallen off as of late. Brooks is playing poorly too often. Playcalling could be adjusted too.

It\'s clear though that the \"Heavy Lunch\" idea didn\'t work. Grady Jackson has gained a lot of weight and isn\'t as effective as he could be. Our linebackers are too bad to make up the difference.

Otherwise, we\'re slow all the way around and it\'s hurt.

Offense though is where we have to step up. Defense ain\'t going to change. These are the guys we have and it\'s too late to change that.

sc-saint 12-29-2002 09:01 AM

What is wrong???????????????
I agree Covsaint. Our defense has not changed much from the begining of the season. I would like to have seen the total outcome of defense if dale carter had started from game one. Who knows maybe no difference at all... But from the mid-season bye week, we have really changed offensively. It\'s unfortunate that we haven\'t used the TE position more within our offense. And Brooks does not have any kind of touch on the long ball (his deep ball reminds me a lot of Blake\'s). Although when he\'s on, he sure does have a rocket and is for the most part pretty accurate. Also I agree with other indiviuals from other threads that some of the coaching will have to be looked at as well as the players. It will be a very interesting off-season, especially if or when we don\'t make the playoffs...

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