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dberce1 10-15-2004 09:27 AM

Good article from outside opinion:
Sounds pretty unbiased.

One Man's Opinion.. Posted by: [Andrus] on Yesterday @ 09:32 PM
By Mike Detillier - SaintsReport Staff NFL Player and Draft Analyst

Saints fans, opinions are varied throughout the league, but I thought I would share with you a conversation with a top league executive on his thoughts on the 2004 New Orleans Saints.

It's just one man's opinion, but it gives you some insight on his thoughts and another teams' opinion on the talent on the Saints' squad. This executive has been in the league for over 20 years and he has some major league sports hardware on his fingers due to his success in picking players.

Goes on to talk about most of our starters individually:

WhoDat 10-15-2004 09:47 AM

Good article from outside opinion:
where\'s the article?

LordOfEntropy 10-15-2004 10:18 AM

Good article from outside opinion:
I think it\'s the one labeled \"one mans opinion\".

dberce1 10-15-2004 10:31 AM

Good article from outside opinion:
That\'s the one. I took the link off of the direct article\'s page. It must be a site redirection or something.

qball316 10-15-2004 11:07 AM

Good article from outside opinion:
Ashley Ambrose- Cornerback:

Ashley was a good player, but now he is on the wrong side of 30 years old-plus. Ambrose has lost a step or two foot speed wise and he lets receivers catch the ball in front of him. He can\'t play in man-to-man situations very often because of his age and his speed regression. He is a zone-cover cornerback at this stage. He has football savvy and the intelligence you want, but with all those big, swift receivers in this league he doesn\'t match up well anymore.

I\'ve been telling people that for awhile now. I can\'t wait till Sunday night\'s game. I won 2 tickets to sit in the \"Bud Zone\", Ambrose would be better off on the other side of the field from me. Once he starts getting beat, thats it!

qball316 10-15-2004 11:07 AM

Good article from outside opinion:
Also, who do yall think that was giving the analysis?

LordOfEntropy 10-15-2004 11:10 AM

Good article from outside opinion:
Been wondering that myself. Guy knows his stuff. He\'s dead on.

BlackandBlue 10-15-2004 11:21 AM

Good article from outside opinion:
If this is a legit article, in trying to determine who this GM is, as he left some clues in the article, I continue to hit roadblocks. My first thought was Pete Garcia, but he was still at the University of Miami back during the 2000 draft, so Cleveland can be eliminated. I then tried to lookup who the GM was for Washington back in 2000, and I think it was Schottenheimer, so the Skins are eliminated. It’s not the Saints or the Titans, Sirmon is still on their roster.
My final guess would have to be Scott Pioli. He has been the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Patriots since Feburary of 2000, so he was there for the 2000 draft when Young was selected, they selected Greg Randall 12 spots ahead of Young, and Randall is no longer on the team. The young center, that he referred to in the article about giving him a chance, would be Damien Woody, who is now playing guard for the Lions. And we all knew that the Patriots were trying to trade up in the draft when they saw Will Smith falling. So that is my final answer as to who the mystery GM is.
Any thoughts?
***EDIT*** scratch the Pioli theory, I just read the part about Tebucy Jones, so the Patriots can be eliminated as well. I will continue to investigate.

[Edited on 15/10/2004 by BlackandBlue]

NOLAmite 10-15-2004 12:32 PM

Good article from outside opinion:
thought I\'d throw this out there, it may help figure out who this guy is...

\"Let me tell you this story. Back in 2000 we had a pick around 8 to 10 picks before the St. Louis Rams picked Young \"
-mystery opinion dude

Round 5- 2000 draft
#1 Cleveland -- Anthony Malbrough, db, Texas Tech
#2 New Orleans -- Tutan Reyes, ot, Mississippi
# 3 San Francisco -- Paul Smith, rb, Texas-El Paso
#4 Cincinnati -- Robert Bean, db, Mississippi State
#5 Atlanta -- Anthony Midget, db, Virginia Tech
#6 Tennessee from Philadelphia -- Aric Morris, db, Michigan State
#7 Arizona -- Mao Tosi, dt, Idaho
#8 Pittsburgh -- Clark Haggans, lb, Colorado State
#9 Indianapolis from Chicago through New Orleans -- Matt Johnson, c, Brigham Young
#10 St. Louis from Denver -- Brian Young, de, Texas-El Paso

Clevaland or San Fran?... what do you guys think?

bayouking318 10-15-2004 01:51 PM

Good article from outside opinion:
Sedrick Hodge- Outside Linebacker:

We would have picked him in the 3rd round had he been available.

another hint: These teams are eliminated,eagles cardinals,browns bengals,chargers,bears and viking

1 63 Philadelphia Eagles
(from San Diego) Derrick Burgess DE Ole Miss
2 64 Arizona Cardinals Adrian Wilson S North Carolina St.
3 65 Cleveland Browns James Jackson HB Miami (FL)
4 66 Cincinnati Bengals Sean Brewer TE San Jose St.
5 67 San Diego Chargers
(from Atlanta) Tay Cody CB Florida St.
6 68 Chicago Bears Mike Gandy OG Notre Dame
7 69 Minnesota Vikings
(from New England) Eric Kelly CB Kentucky
8 70 New Orleans Saints
(from Dallas) Sedrick Hodge OLB North Carolina

I believe it was our old enemy 49ers ;)

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