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spkb25 10-15-2004 07:49 PM

no whats amazing about vick
is the hype this guy gets for doing nothing. hes a great athlete no debating that. but as a qb he has done absolutely zero to even warrent the attention he gets. he has thrown for just over 800 yards this year and has thrown like two or three td's. and like two or three int's. but everyone in the media talks about how he is a great qb. he really isnt at all. i mean honestly. the guy hasnt done anything. hes barely worth mention if he wasnt mike vick. i mean really. if he had been anyone else they would be speaking the word bust. nothing like that is said of him. boy the media is biased. this guy is nothing more then regular as a qb. as an athlete unbelievable. as a qb just normal. am i wrong? if i am please tell me because i just dont see it.

Saintsin04 10-15-2004 07:59 PM

no whats amazing about vick

spkb25 10-15-2004 08:23 PM

no whats amazing about vick
yeah they do. but at the same time is it because of him or despite him. their d has played well this year.

jbutts 10-16-2004 12:04 AM

no whats amazing about vick
the reason they win with him in the lineup is all ove a sudden the falcon offense has a qb who can throw and run well. is vick that great of a qb? no
but he does make opposing defenses piss themselves when they have to play him. if they sit back long enough he eventually get out a pass that gets there. and if they rush in to get him, they flush him out and vick gets the score himself.
its that x-factor. the man is like having a barry sanders as a qb.

themightyduck 10-16-2004 01:09 PM

no whats amazing about vick
It\'s amazing to see how quickly people can bash Mike Vick.

True, he hasn\'t been doing well this season, but there\'s a reason for that: he\'s entering this season under a new coach and offensiver coordinator. Not only that, but the new coordinator has decided to install the West Coast offense, a scheme that focuses nearly completely on pass timing.

Vick is an inaccurate passer, but he has incredible power in his arm. That errant but strong style is very bad for a West Coast system. That leads to many interceptions and incompletions. The reason Vick hasn\'t had amazing \"fantasy stats\" is because the coaches are still introducing this offense to him.

Remember: he\'s never been in this system in his life, so it will seem a little awkward for a while.

WhoDat 10-16-2004 06:36 PM

no whats amazing about vick
Two years ago the Falcons were 9-7?? and won the first ever playoff game by a visiting team at Lambeau. Last year after his injury Atlanta finished 3-1 when he came back. This year, as a starter, they\'re 4-1.

So in the last 2 1/3 seasons with Vick as the starter Atlanta is 14-9. Without him they were what, 1-11? He makes all the difference for that team. I\'m not a guy who thinks a single player can often completely change a game, but Vick is one of them. Take Vick out of that offense and what have you got? Take LT away from SD and the game changes completely. Vick is the most physically gifted QB in the league. If he learns how to be effective in the West Coast, he could set all kinds of records in his career.

subguy 10-17-2004 06:39 AM

no whats amazing about vick
This could be an example of building an offense that better suits the player. I am not sure I am in in favor of doing that but, he is not comfortable at all. Plus he has screwed me in 3 fantasy leagues this year. :realmad:

spkb25 12-18-2004 11:19 PM

no whats amazing about vick
hey heres the post whodat

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