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WhoDat 10-18-2004 08:06 AM

Would you have...
Would you have kicked the ball deep with three minutes left in the game? The Saints score and bring it within 7 and all the announcers say, you kick this one deep. WHY?!

The Saints defense had not forced a punt all game. Their only stops came off of mistakes by Minnesota. The odds of a stop with the game on the line was less than 5%, IMO. I know the Vikes were expecting an onsides kick, but why not do it anyway? Or at least have Carney kick one of those moon rockets to about the 30... make the front 10 think you kicked it deep, but have you speedsters and hands players like McAfee run down and try to catch the damn thing. I just don't know why you kick it deep. I mean, how wide open was their receiver on 3rd down. 3rd and 4 with the game on the line and there's no one within ten yards. Unreal.

saintswhodi 10-18-2004 08:56 AM

Would you have...
That\'s cause Tesucky was in coverage on him cause of the blitz and you obviously been around long enough to know how that story ends. Can anyone remember one game where this guy made a play? Has he made an INT as a Saint? What about those tackling drills in the offseason he was supposedly doing? Is that where they taught him to lower his head into a qb in plain view of the refs? What a waste.

Euphoria 10-18-2004 03:43 PM

Would you have...
That was a good call to kick it deep... if we failed the on-sides kick, hell all Culpepper had to do was an hook shot pass to get it into the end zone. It was a good call and almost worked to out advanatge because they almost didn\'t recover it, would have been out ball.
The freakin bad call is our defensive coordinator lines them all up at the line for a run and they get something like 80 yards on one play, running. that happened last week as well... Venturi needs FIRED now.

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