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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; This is All Crazy Talk!!! How Crazy can we be? :casstet:...

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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

This is All Crazy Talk!!! How Crazy can we be? :casstet:
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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

At this point, throw the baby out with the bath water!

AB has to go, Haz has to go, offensive and defensive coaches have to go, while we are at it, send Benson packing.

This franchise is in disaray...AGAIN!
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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

I agree with BMG: why would SD get rid of Brees now? Who\'s going to play instead, the rookie holdout Rivers? Doug Flutie? Their fourth-stringer is some guy named Lemon. SD is having a decent year (better than expected by far) largely due to Brees\'s play. I just don\'t see them trading him until and unless Rivers proves himself, which couldn\'t possibly happen until the end of this year at the earliest.

It also seems like we\'d be dumb to get rid of Brooks until we have a new coach who can have some input into player changes. Yeah, he has problems we\'ve all noted already, but unless you can bring in a proven veteran (I wanted Brunell last year) to replace him, you\'d be dumb to throw him away. Plus I think most of us agree that his problems could be overcome, or their costs minimized, with better coaching.

"I'm going back to New Orleans, to wear that ball and chain."
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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

It\'ll never happen.
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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

brees will be gone at the end of the season no matter what happens.... even the ESPN guys say so.... the team is going to invest in rivers... to quote one of the ESPN analyist, \"he is auditioning for another team this year\".... much as i hate for someone to lose thier job to another player who sat out like a jerk just because they piad him so much money
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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

I am against it.
As am I.

If they can just get rid of the coaching staff and bring in some coordinator coaches from New England for head coach
Definite cosign on that one. I keep asking can we get them now? I guess not.

possibilty Zook will be available for def coordinator,
As long as Florida beats Georgia and Florida State every year, he won\'t be going anywhere.
fire Loomis and hire back Mueller. this team will be back on track.
Benson won\'t do it. Too much ego involved. He\'d have to give up ownership for that to happen.

BTW here\'s an article on the granddaughter and her impending role. 27 years old. WOW!


trade Tesucky and sorry Sully for some draft picks.
Any team you can think of that would make that trade?

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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

Someone said AB isnt worth a 1st rounder if we traded him to the Dolphins... and umm AJ Feely was worth a second? At least AB has started for a few years and consistently put up numbers not wins but numbers.

Drew Brees is still young and showing he can win in this league. However, I dont see him leaving SanD with them playing so well. I know Rivers might be the future of that team, but Brees is the right now... Kinda like Kurt Warner and Eli. Brees is at the begining and Waner at the end of his career, but as long as he can put up some wins he will start... I think they are seeing what Cinncy did to Kitna and Carson Palmer and will not make a mistake like they did.

As for Ramsey... the Saints dont like having local QBs who work hard and have talent looming over Brooks shoulder. Sooo that will not happen until either Brooks is gone or Haslett and his fools are.

The Packers just traded for a QB. JT member him? I know he might not have proven he was ready to step in just yet, but I bet he will in a year are 2. They were talking about how they wanted him back when we drafted him. It was only a matter of tyme before we let him go and they would have picked him up. Maybe they go after a QB in FA, but I think they are happy with JT and their D needs a lil more help than their O and if Farve stay around another year or two they can put that QB search off for another year or two.

Zook would be great to get back. However, he did sign a contract extension last year I believe. I know he has had his ups and downs in Florida, but I just dont think he will leave them to come back for a Coordinato job... If we offer him a head coach job then maybe.

The only good thing about brining in a young QB in right now would be for him to learn the system. However, if Haslett and his crew are gone it will prolly be a new system next year. So right now it would be silly to do anything unless we made a ton of moves. It being Tuesday and we have talks... I dont see us making a ton of moves, but you never know...

Anyone worried about Miami getting AB and Ricky next year... that D and a good coaching staff might turn them around? Or do you think that it could all just be a bust for them and we mess them over for another 3-4 years... I dont like Miami but I dont like them getting our talented troubled players. I have just seen it happen all to many tymes and we look like fools for getting rid of players (Roaf, Delhomme, Bulger...) you get the point...
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Brees to Saints, Brooks to Miami?!?!

JT will be very good in GB, ginve him some time....

and does anyone want to know what the real problem with the saints are?!?!?!

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