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saintz08 12-28-2002 11:17 PM

Insider gossip
Have a couple of friends that have NFL positions in the league , and while doing the holiday rounds the subject came up about the Saints . Sorry no names , positions or teams will be divulged and no unfortunately these are not friends within the New Orleans Saints organization . This person overheard a conversation on the potential play off teams . One person was saying to the other person " The Saints would of had that play off spot sewn up weeks ago if they did not have the injury to Brooks or have to deal with his childish ego ".

I asked for some help on this statement , here is what I got . It is common knowledge now in the league about the Saints fans and their desire to see Delhomme in the game . Also the little incident on National television when the starting quarterback went down and the fans went crazy knowing the back up was going in comes up every now and then . I think this is the reference to a Monday night game , when Wilson got hurt and the fans were calling for Buck . Could be wrong on that combo .

It makes this statement by Haslett a little clearer .

Saints head coach Jim Haslett describing the atmosphere in the New Orleans area this season: “I’ve never seen such negative fans.�

We have probably all seen the reports that Brooks and Delhomme are friends , but it is interesting to think that with the recent injury to Brooks and his inability to play up to standard the whole game , why was Jake not put in at some point ?? Jake had done well in relief in 2 showings . Maybe that is the point ....

Could Brooks ego have cost us a play off appearance in the 2002 season ?? Before you say no , think back to training camp on reports that said Brooks could not concentrate because he had the contractual issue on his mind . Could he stand hearing Delhommes name ringing from the Superdome everytime he misfired a ball ?? You have to wonder why Haslett would sit on the sidelines and watch his starting quarterback struggle and not pull him .....

An interesting conversation to say the least .....

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