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spkb25 10-18-2004 12:58 PM

haslett has lost this team
were in bad shape. brooks didnt play very well last night. the was well what like 600 yards let up. outside of some turnovers we were just rolled over. were just not a very good team and it shows n ill tell u on top of that haslett has lost this team. there is no team work. the season is over and not because of our record but because our offense doesnt even look good. and where were the adjustments last night by mccarthy. the viking were blitzing nearly every down and mccarthy did nothing.
the only question is who would u keep from the team. i'd keep grant, will smith, courtney, jay, mel, berger, horn, deuce, karney,conwell, bentley,stallworth. probally some more guys i cant think of. im not sure i'd keep brroks at this point. it would depend. u know n lewis hasnt looked good in some weeks returning the ball why havent we given henderson a chance back there.
ill tell u this though this team is worse then last years team. were bad. the funny thing is were not hurt or beat up. were really healthy from nfl standards. theres no excuse. oh well lets just hope has doesnt win like 5 of his last 8 n go 8-8 n some how convince ownership for onbe more year

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