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qball316 10-18-2004 02:11 PM

Last Seven minutes?
I actually think that Ab is doing good this year. One thing troubled me about the last 7 minutes the game. We're down by 2 TDs and we march down to the 20 and have 5minues left. Why on earth was AB taking his time calling plays and getting the play off? After we reached the 20, it took us 2 minutes to reach the 10! I may be wrong on the yard lines (hard to tell from the budzone). At that point in the game, get everyone on the line say hike and chuck it into the corner of the endzone where only Joe Horn can get it, if its imcomplete oh well we stopped the damn clock, we didn't have the luxury of 4 downs to score!

Other notes:

Coach Pease seems like a great guy, I called him over before the game and he signed my hat and actually talked about the DLine for a few minutes (very classy man)

Rick Vinturi knows when to run off the field after a loss.

Susie Colbert(ESPN) is a b____ in real life, she passed 3 feet in front of us the whole bud zones is saying "hey suzie" and she just walked by ignoring all of us. Later one of the ESPN cameramen said "I have never met an anchorwomen that was't a b___"

ScottyRo 10-18-2004 03:08 PM

Last Seven minutes?

Why on earth was AB taking his time calling plays...?
AB doesn\'t call plays. That\'s Mike SUKcarthy\'s job. McCarthy is NEVER prepared for the next play before the end of the current play. He has to evaluate the down, distance and field position after EVERY play. That is why AB is forced to call time outs and can\'t get plays off in a hurry.

On the brighter side, McCarthy finally calls a play on 3rd & 1 other than Deuce up the middle and guess what....we converted the third down. AMAZING!

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