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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Fair Weather? Did I miss something?...

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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

Fair Weather?

Did I miss something?
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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

I love that analogy frankeefrank
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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

Hey Frank - what\'s worse is when people tell you all dogs take a dump at some point, your dog is no different. Nevermind the fact that other dogs learn to be house broken while your third rug is ruined - if your dog takes yet another dump maybe you should consider how other great dogs have performed. Did Snoopy ever take a dump in the house? If so, then you might be a dog-hater and your real intent may be to slander your dog b/c you secretly want to be rid of him! LOL
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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

Then again, if you consistantly blame the dog for the cat\'s mistake you just might have an agenda.

You might get your panties all wadded up because the dog can prove you\'re biased, but you still have an agenda.

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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

Seriously, enough of all the moderator \"agenda\" crap.
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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

im not sure why people act likie ur suppose to not look for changes when the current situation isnt working. once agaion that doesnt mean ur not a fan just that u want to win. blindly following a team and never see any negative in them makes u no more a fan of them then i am. this team hurts itself just fine. my comments in no way add to their problems. they were doing them well before i started posting here. they suck n thats life. am i strill aa fan of course. im not routing for anyone else but that doesnt make me lie. they stink then they stink i cant chanhe that only they can

Big Hitter, the Lama.
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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

Unreal. How can a person in one sentence say \"amen\" to the ridiculous \"I-told-you-so\'s\" and in the next talk about the Panthers and \"It\" in a nanny nanny poo poo fashion?

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Bunch of phony fair weather fans

Ok, a bunch of things:

(1) This was ambiguous, so I\'ll be clearer (though this has nothing to do with anything that followed my post, it dawned on me it could be taken the wrong way): \"ridiculous \'I-told-ya-so\'s\" did not refer to the people but the content of the \'I-told-ya-so\'s\'. For example, \"I told ya they\'d find a way to screw up\". Well, that is like astrology - if you make the claim broad enough, surely it will apply sooner or later.

(2) On a different note, no one thinks that criticizing the team is bad; we all do our share. It is the manner in which people criticize other posters on which I was commenting. I was also claiming that running people off is not good - I\'m sure we all agree on that. There are certain behaviors (kinds of posts) that make me not want to bother posting here - I\'m sure that is true of others (thus, the recent bunch of posts about being a true fan - whatever that means).

(3) It seems to me that writing criticisms of the team on a discussion board is for the purpose of discussion. I\'m willing to bet that no coach, player, GM, etc. is getting their noses rubbed in ANYTHING by us writing things here. I guess, I just don\'t get that point.

(4) I suppose that lauding Karney is stupid, since we lost the game? I think he played great, that is positive, isn\'t it? Is it pointless even mentioning it, since there is NOTHING good to say about losing? I guess, I don\'t get that either.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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