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How in the world can..............

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If the other players don\'t like him, and they can\'t get over that and play some football, isn\'t that THEIR problem?...

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How in the world can..............

If the other players don\'t like him, and they can\'t get over that and play some football, isn\'t that THEIR problem?
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How in the world can..............

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How in the world can..............

saintlb no offense but even if some of the players dont like him what does that have to do with the defense. r u saying that players on the defense dont play well because they dislike brooks. i could at least see ur point, wouldnt agree with u, but would see ur point if u said the offense wouldnt play for him. but bro 600 yards given up to the vikes by our d in no way shape or form has anything in the world to do with brooks. its just silly for u to even ty to make a point of how it does. n then ur telling me that grown men that make millions of dollars, and in my opinion deserve too, cant put personal feeling aside during working hours. ur saying that they would just prefer to loose because they dislike brooks. come on now. honestly evaluate that in ur mind for a second. does it even hint of any logic. not really. brooks has played pretty well this season. he could stand to be a littl more on the mark but i dont see how this is his fault. winning is a complete team affort and u cant tell me there is any qb in the history of the league that has won on his own. marino never won a sb. he was as good as it gets. jim kelly couldnt with a dang good team around him. there is 22 players n it doesnt come down to one guy or one position. this team has many problems some on the field or a lot on the field n some or a lot by people not on the field. i will agree with u that he is one of 22 guys on this team n because of that does in some way get blame. but in my opinion thats as far as it go\'s.

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