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frankeefrank 10-24-2004 07:35 PM

Jonathon Sullivan
0 tackles...
Thanks for showing up.
Gosh I wish I was Tall and Fat.
I could've been a contender

fact-o-bake 10-24-2004 08:28 PM

Jonathon Sullivan
Especially if your main goal was to get fatter, and get paid millions to be a backup.

RockyMountainSaint 10-24-2004 08:49 PM

Jonathon Sullivan
Check out Mike D\'s opinion of him. Lazy, Fat but oh, so talented. What a Friggin waste. Gravy Jackson reincarnated.

RDOX 10-25-2004 07:14 AM

Jonathon Sullivan
It all goes back to one thing. If Sully really could achieve his talent at the car wash for about a year, he\'d find that playing football was more to his liking. Ask Michael Lewis of Chad Lavalais. This is a kid that needs to grow up. But, I blame coaching as much as anything. John Pease needs to kick his azz. :mad:

ScottyRo 10-25-2004 11:48 AM

Jonathon Sullivan
They have demoted him, reduced his playing time - even as a backup, and nothing has helped motivate him. All that is left is to deactivate him for a couple of games and see how he likes that.

That WHOOSHING sound you here is Loomis flushing two first round picks down the toilet. Thanks, ML.

BiggPoppaFro3 10-25-2004 08:06 PM

Jonathon Sullivan
We never should have got rid of one man: Randy Mueller

shadowdrinker_x 10-25-2004 08:18 PM

Jonathon Sullivan
here here..meuller was the feeling like you guys on the whole sully thing...just another underacheiver...from sick and tired of these georgia lineman...hell..just get in georgia..your guaranteed to have a starting spot for n.o....and get paid to sit and get jabba fat..oh..and we\'ll draft you you can look like you have potential..then just sloth around..but..if you happen to be good..we\'ll quickly trade you away..for some no name dork..and a low draft pick...and if you stink..we\'ll trade you which point you will get into shape and go on the many pro bowls..and possibly a conference championship

TheJudge 10-25-2004 11:19 PM

Jonathon Sullivan

We never should have got rid of one man: Randy Mueller
no ****

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