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SycoSurfer 10-25-2004 01:37 PM

Where do we go from here?
Our O-line has played far worse than anyones expectations. Victor Riley, Kendal Jaycox, Montrae Holland, and Wayne Gandy are all jokes. The only person who gets a pardon is LeCharles Bently cause he is the best OLman we have and he is learning a new position. We traded Roaf and havent recovered since. Roaf has been a ProBowl LT every year since he left and we have had an O-Line that has seen few bright spots. Turley was a solid replacement after Roaf left, but he was the leader of the team and that wasnt good for our soft hearted QB who cant handle criticism even when Turley would rip off a guys head for a QB he didnt really like. We got rid of Turley and replaced him with an older slower guy who has done NOTHING to help this team. Our OLine needs to be rebuilt if we expect anything to happen for this team. I mean Deuce might not be 100% but after 4 full games he only has 280 yards...Brooks is constantly under pressure and we have way to many negative plays.

Im just think that we need to find a way to plug some of the holes. We know we need help on Defense. So Where do we go? Use another pick on a DLine? I think we have the talent on D, but the coaching has been HORRIBLE.

Secondary? We just traded for a solid CB and Fakhir is playing good enough to wait on that. Not to mention Mel Mitchell is playing solid so when Bellamy moves on we are covered...

LB? We have young LBs who could be better, but they need to be used properly. Hodge, Allen, and Watson have all showed promise, but never been able to put it all together. The talent just isnt getting developed.

DLine? We have C. Grant who is the real deal. Will Smith who is more than likely pushing out Darren Howard. Young is playing hard, but he needs some help from another DT. They are the weak spot, but do we give up on them and start all over or do we try and get them motivated and turn it around?

Oline? I see massive holes everywhere but the middle and since we never run up the middle that is a problem. Our Guards are pathetic. Wasnt Jacox a ProBowler a year or 2 ago? Well he sure as hell isnt one anymore. Holland is young, but hasnt done much to show me he should be given longer to develop. The tackles are OLD and SLOW and killing us. Jon Stinchcomb should be given a shot. I mean he was a second round pick. Most teams who draft an Olineman in the second round have him starting. Why are we waiting? He will leave us if we waste his years on the bench. We need to find out if he is a bust or not. Not like he could do any worse than what I have seen.

Any thoughts guys?

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