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WhoDat 12-29-2002 05:58 PM

What Now?
Well, I have been out of town and out of touch for a week. Thankfully, I was traveling during todays finishing touches of another melt down. Obviously we're all mad and disappointed but what now?

It will be no surprise when Venturi goes, and the defense is totally reshuffled next year. The big questions on my mind are Brooks and Haslett.

Brooks was terrible again this year when it counted. Just in case anyone forgot he was bad last year down the stretch in our 0-4 final month. From what I heard the Dome was booing and his performance was deserving. But what do you do with him? You just gave him what, $12 mil in a signing bonus. Getting rid of him hurts the pocket book a lot. Do you shop him around? Hope for yet another year that he finally matures and comes around?

And what about ole Jimmy boy? Two years, a combined 1-7 in the final month of the season and two missed trips to the playoffs. An unwillingness to change when everyone seemed to see exactly what the problem was, inability to rally the troops, bad coordinators, and total lack of any sustained level of play. Does he deserve to be fired?

My personal opinion - get rid of them both. Let Jake manage the offense or go get some one new. Grab Marvin Lewis while you can so we don't have to subject ourselves to another December like this past one.

Rob 12-29-2002 07:20 PM

What Now?
I was pleased when we hired Haslett because I felt we finally had a coach that would tell it like it is and do the right thing no matter who it displeased. Well I now see that he\'s not that at all. I wonder what the actual reason is that he didn\'t make the change at QB? Yes, a team is comprised of both an offense and a defense but the key to a team is the QB. An efficient, smart QB takes advantage of an opposing teams mistakes and keeps his defense off the field by keeping the chains moving. Personally, I know we started well during the beginning of the season but I wasn\'t impressed with Brooks even then. Today, I saw many times that Brooks could have moved up, left or right in the pocket to buy time or to run for yardage that would have kept a drive alive but he just won\'t do it. I believe he is scared to take the hit and this has nothing to do with his recent injury. He wants to be a pocket passer but lacks the skills and knowhow to be one. A team is as its QB is and that \'s why we missed the playoffs and folded.

As some of you have stated, you are hurt by this meltdown as I am but you will still be Saints fans in the future as will I. We do pay the salaries of the players and coaches and should vent our frustrations and anger when they screw up like this. If we don\'t do it, then who will and how will they get better if we don\'t. We have taken this kind of crap for too long and we must be patient about it. In the NFL, with free agency, you must win now and not next year and as a player you must produce now and not a year or two down the road.

Rob 12-29-2002 07:24 PM

What Now?
Mistake in previous message: I should have typed that we must NOT be patient in last paragraph.

crazyjake12 12-29-2002 08:40 PM

What Now?
I am a Saints fan that has been around for a long time. Through the Archie Manning, Bobby Hrber, and of course, the 4 best linebackers in the game at one time. It has been a hard road. And just when I think I\'m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, I experience a cave-in. I am just getting the window fixed from the loss to the Vikings in the last seconds. My Saints mug is still outside the house. I told myself that I would get it after we made the playoffs. Now I see that\'s not going to happen. I just feel the need to blame somebody for this season. I mean to start out at 6-0; and then comes the December from Hell. How does a team go 6-0 against quality opponents and fall apart against teams with lackluster seasons????????? Please give me a name that I can beat up til next August..........
Jeff K

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