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shadowdrinker_x 10-29-2004 11:05 PM

salt on the wound
what happens next year?....early to say?...will benson be like the owner of the steelers and keep his coach through thick and matter what the fans say?...i like haslett...if we are going to keep him here...he should honestly get coaches for all positions...whether he likes it or not...we need te coaches..better lb and db coaches...ol coaching that produces more from ''should be'' players...we just need a spark so bad man...the first year haslett came out i was's a pro bowl lb..mean as hell...and lit a fire under this team that was awesome to behold...but it fizzled so what? it worth it to invest the kind of time it takes for a younger..inexperienced coach to truly master his team...maybe...but only if you have a good team for him to step in with...and im just not sure we are that team....the way it has been ..seems to me the place to get a new coach one from the broadcast old matter what long as we at least keep haslett..change other coaches..or..change em all..and get some ole' timers to come in here and light that fire up sick of seeing this team loose...we have the capacity for shock and awe offense..and defense...we could rule...if we only had a brain..

BiggPoppaFro3 10-30-2004 09:00 AM

salt on the wound
My first step: Re-Hire Randy Mueller. He was a smart and savvy GM that made alot of worthwhile moves.

I could even see keeping Haz on as HC. He just needs great assistants. Guys that can teach the game, as well as develop gameplans. That\'s where I feel on D we should move to get one of two guys who are more than ready to do their time at D-Coord. before becoming HCs somewhere.

Mike Singletary -- He\'s done wonders with the Ravens LBs and Mike Nolan doesn\'t have near the success on D w/out him there to teach those boys what it means to play LB.


Sam Mills -- Carolina was better for getting him as a player, now they are better having him as a coach. Besides, how many of you would love to see him back with us?

At OC I\'m stumped. Have no idea who would be a great guy that isn\'t already in line for a HC job. Give me a little bit.

WhoDat 10-30-2004 03:43 PM

salt on the wound
I have a hard time believing that Randy Mueller or Ron Zook will come back to the Saints. Benson doesn\'t seem like a forgive and forget kind of guy. He doesn\'t appear to be a person who easily admits that he made a mistake either. However, gven the Saints recent proclivity to play copy-cat, maybe Mora will make a Gibbs-esque return???

BiggPoppaFro3 10-30-2004 04:17 PM

salt on the wound
You know, I thought I was the only one thinking that.

At least Mora would have the sense to bring in Mills. It kills me to see him in Carolina.

Maybe we could all pool our piggy banks and buy the Saints from Benson!!!

(Sorry. I\'m delusional from dashed hope and hatred for Venturi)

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Saint78 10-30-2004 11:02 PM

salt on the wound
I agree that I would like to see Haslett stay as HC withsome changes made around him.
1st change GM - I would love for Mueller to come back but we all know it won\'t happen. The one i really wish we could make a push for is Ron Wolfe but then again anybody that is a good talent evaluator will work.
2nd change - OC - I wish we could sweet talk Fassel for this job if he doesn\'t get another HC job, trust me everybody would love AB after Fassel got through with him ex Kerry Collins when he was sober and with Fassel.
3rd change - DC - Singletary would be great but for how long would we have him? I truely beleive that when the Lovie Smith experiment is over in Chicago Singletary will be Da Bears next HC, but hey hire him and when that goes down we can hire Lovie as DC. Mills would be another great choice either one would be a heckuva alot better tan what we have, also both are well respected enough to bring in some big time players that will want to play for them.
4th change - Let the new coordinators reccomend who the position coaches are, so that they will have people that are on the same page as they are on the type of system we will run.

Kristomac 10-31-2004 07:30 AM

salt on the wound
I like Haz too, but I think he makes a much better defensive coach than HC. He\'s an ex player, and is loyal to his friends. Anybody else would have fired Venturi a long time ago.

With the talent we have, and our continued underachievement, EVERYONE in the league knows the Saints are badly coached, and smart football people say so every week, on every sports show.

Every ast. coach on this team is there because Haz wants them there. That\'s a head coaches job!! And he\'s not doing a good job. All these people saying we should keep Haz but get new asst. coaches don\'t understand how things work. Haz would quit before he let anyone change his coaching picks.

Jim\'s gotta go.

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