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chipshot51 10-30-2004 01:44 PM

Look, here's the deal. The Saints have no discipline. Plain and simple. When you continue to make the same mistakes over and over that means you are not disciplined enough to stop. I know a lot of people want to continue to blame Brooks for what ever reason. But in order for a team to execute on a consistant basis, you need discipline. Tiki Barber was a fumbler before this year. Is that a fluke? I like Haslett, but for some reason, he is not able to put the fear of Haslett in this team. I wish the Saints all of the sucess in the football world, so I'm not being negative here. But folks, it ain't the quarterback. He is a part of the solution if you would take the time and look at his frustrations. They are pretty much the same as ours, but he needs support. Does Joe Horn really need to be told when to celebrate? Does the linebackers need to be told that they are not fast enough so they need to stay at home? Do the front four need to be told they need to play every down like it is their last? Are the Saints auditioning for Los Angeles? Just a thought and a few questions. I surely did not mean to offend or piss anyone off . Geaux Saints!!!

BiggPoppaFro3 10-30-2004 01:58 PM

That about sums it up.

Brooks = not the whole problem. Does he make bonehead plays? Yes. So does Brett Favre. Raise your hand high if you would trade him....that\'s what I thought.

No, Haz doesn\'t have full grasp of this team. But then where is the player like Ray Lewis or Peyton Manning? Who leads by example and steps it up when the time comes due?

I can\'t say no one does, b/c I\'m not on the team, but perception is 90% of the reason people buy a product and right now that\'s the perception I get.

Don\'t blame it all on Brooks. It takes alot of help to make this level of clusterf***.

and the dead horse-o-meter rolls on....

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WhoDat 10-30-2004 03:29 PM

You\'re absolutely right...

To play devil\'s advocate, do you think that AB has received special treatment, as described by some in the media, players, and fans? Do you think that might have disenfranchised players at all? Do you think a lack of respect for the coaching staff, and/or a lack of belief in their schemes might affect a team\'s level of discipline? I\'m not saying that any of these things ARE AB\'s FAULT, but he does play a part. A QB is supposed to be a leader, no? Might some of the team\'s inconsistency over the last few years be a reflection of the coach and his golden boy? Maybe, maybe not. But I don\'t think it\'s entirely out there to suggest that any of these things are contributing factors.

BiggPoppaFro3 10-30-2004 04:11 PM

Placing blame in this case is so simple it\'s difficult.

Is it all AB\'s fault? Of course not.

Does he shoulder part of the blame? Damn Right. He\'s had many chances to cement himself a level above that of a QB with good numbers. When it gets down to crunch time, the team comes unglued and seems to go in 11 differing directions. While on the field it\'s his job to make sure that doesn\'t happen. Just b/c you\'ve put up good numbers, doesn\'t mean you stop learning or getting better.

But blame also has to be spread among the other players as well. AB doesn\'t tell Allen to abandon his gap responsibility. Nor does he say \"go ahead and drop this one, Donte. I\'ll hit you again later\".

Overall though, it is the guys on the sidelines and in the offices that have to face the real music. Maybe if Benson doesn\'t make such a spectacle out of his hunt for a new stadium or fire Mueller for no good reason, we don\'t get sidetracked in trying to get the right players or coaches. Possibly if those coaches we do have instill the game plan and belief in it a little better, as well as expect a little more out of current \"leaders\" on the team, we don\'t have this discussion.

The blame game is kinda like the one playing out politically this year. No matter what happens, we won\'t know the true results and what-ifs until far after the end of the entire thing. Until then, we all shall carry on keeping the faith. Because I, like all of you, will die a Saints fan.

A frustrated, bitter, old Saints fan....

...F*&^ the Falcons!

I\'m sorry if this went into a tirade. I just found out my nine month old is going to trick-or-treat as a fairy princess. ;)

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WhoDat 10-30-2004 05:33 PM

Yeah, that is unusual for a boy. LOL. ;)

BiggPoppaFro3 10-30-2004 06:44 PM

Much like our defense I left myself wide open. Guess I should have said she was a girl. LOL.

touche\', WhoDat..... ;)

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