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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I know, hind sight it is 20/20. But giving up 2 1st rounders for a Junior that was slotted to be taken in the middle of the round.... I was thinking to myself, \'what do the Saints know that no ...

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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan

I know, hind sight it is 20/20. But giving up 2 1st rounders for a Junior that was slotted to be taken in the middle of the round....

I was thinking to myself, \'what do the Saints know that no one else in the league knows?\'

I still can understand why we took a DT over a CB, since we\'ve sucked at run D for the past 3 years or so. I still think that is our main problem, and would not be surprised if the new coach takes a DL in the first round again. We have a problem there.

On Sully, well, that was pretty pathetic of an interview. It just showed the immaturity of this guy.

You guys talking about trade bait...what do you think we\'d get? a 7th rounder? Who would give up much more for a project that looks like it has already failed for now?

It may be worth it I guess...better than nothing.
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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan

The attitude of our players is very poor and Sullivan has been one of the biggest dissappointments so far. Why should he care man, he\'s still making money. He may end up trade bate and I don\'t care one way or another.
Let\'s look at this thing again. Who in the Front Office allowed such stupidity to happen. We trade away two #1\'s for a kid who\'s immature, overweight, and sloppy then wonder why he\'s a bust. Get serious. It all comes back to one thing. WE DO NOT HAVE A FRONT OFFICE STAFF THAT IS WORTH A TINKER\'S DAMN. Loomis the lunatic is a \"CAP SPECIALIST\" aka \"BEAN COUNTER.\" If you put what he knows about football in a Hummingbird\'s ass the bird would fly backwards. I don\'t blame Sullivan. He\'s really the defensive answer to Aaron Brooks. A lot of money and very little win production. When a kid like Bryan Young dogs Sullivan then you know something is very, very wrong. The problem is that Hazlett will get paranoid and trade Young, not Sullivan.

What needs to happen is that Sullivan needs to be deactivated and then he won\'t get paid for the games that he misses. That will dry up the 40\'s and the waings and he won\'t get to drive around in his SUV/HUMMER for a while. This team has little, if any, discipline/moral fiber/heart/guts/drive/pick one. That starts on the sideline and the front office. Who would like to bet that if Jim Finks and Jim Mora were in control that Sullivan\'s attitude would be tolerated, much less reported to the public. His ass would be on the first bus North, East, or West.

We are in sad shape leadership wise. I blame that on LoomBoom/Hazlett/McCarthy/Venturi. Until there is discipline and leadership we are, at best, mediocre. As an example of what discipline and leadership can do, all you have to do is look East to the Giants. Any questions? Test on Friday. :P
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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan

I talked to a friend inside the organization who tells me that on more than one occasion, he has heard Sully say \"I got my money\" but what do you do...no one wants him so you cant trade him, and no point in releasing him because his contract is guaranteed and we are thin at DL. Doubt this guy ever plays again unless injury dictates the need.

On a sadder note, Stallworth has been demoted due to poor performance and attitude, and Henderson is buried so far on the depth chart due to his unmotivated work ethic and sullivan-like attitude. Boo is being phased out of the offense as well because he is so deep in the doghouse as well.

Apparently our coaching staff has lost all control of this team and have no clue how to motivate them anymore so they just sit them. I will tell you one thing, my mother used to send me to my room when I was in trouble, but with my TV, Stereo, and Commodore 64, I never really minded. Seems like we got a bunch of unmotivated millionaires, and to discipline them we phase them out of the gameplan during practice and let them sit and relax during games. Guaranteed contracts and agents are going to put the NFL right where the NHL is now.

my 2c.

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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan

Remember that day well. My mother had come into town to visit. I was suckered into accompaning her, and my girlfriend at the time, on a shopping trip around greater Dallas. The two had been in a shoe store for what seemed like hours. Meanwhile, your hero, sits in the car listening to the draft on the only real sports radio station in Dallas (1310am), when the announcement came across the air, that the Saints had pulled off a trade to move them up to the 6th overall selection. I was filled with glee, as I knew what they were after. I bounced in my seat for only a few seconds, up until they made the announcement that with the 6th overall selection, the Saints selected Jonathan Sullivan out of Georgia. It was like everything went into slow motion. Tears of anger filled my eyes, as my fists pounded the dash of my gf\'s SUV. Screaming, moaning, \"Why? Why? Why?\" could be heard across the parking lot. I turned an looked out the passenger side window to see both my mother and gf, with look\'s of horror on both their faces. My own mother asked me to never speak to her with the same mouth that had just uttered a line of obscentites that would rival Dennis Miller.
Two weeks later, the gf gave me the ultimatum. Said she felt that I loved the Saints more than I loved her. I decided I needed to upgrade at that position, anyway, and left :P

The waiting drove me mad....
I don't want to hear from those that know...
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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan

BNB, I sympathize.

I was at work when my agony because of this decision was revealed. I was following the draft on the internet on my cell. Even though we had pick 17 and 18, I felt pretty good about having 2 1st round draft picks, whether we stayed put or moved up. Cowboys select Terrence Newman, 1 shutdown corner left on the board. If we are gonna go for it, it will be now. And we made a move!!!! I couldn\'t believe it!! We didn\'t stand pat. We were gonna go after what we had been coveting for years!! But, the reason it did not work that way may very well be my fault. I broke the cardinal rule of being a Saints fan. Never, ever, ever, no matter how good things look, never brag to anyone else about the Saints\' good fortune. Some gloating after the fact is good, but bragging with any outcome still in doubt is a sure fire way to have the Saints blow it up in your face. After 29 years you think i\'d know this. I live in Texas and was bragging to Cowboys fans how Trufant was gonna be better than Newman and yatta yatta yatta, then the news hits. Saints draft Jonathon Sullivan. I went into the bathroom for about 15 minutes and cussed, wept, cussed off and on. No lie. It really pissed me off when I got home and watched my recording of the draft and saw the look of absolute confusion on Kiper and every other panelists face when the selection was made. I even watched it in slow mo. I have never seen Kiper so baffled. Truly a sickening memory. And to see now how much that decision has hurt us, when we could have kept Gravy Jackson and had Trufant, instead of getting rid of him and having nothing to show for 2 picks in the first round of a draft.
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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan


that Dewayne Robertson & Kevin Williams step up this year and Sorry Sully playing worst than last year

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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan

Actions like this are so typical of this organization. People who look at us from the outside are baffled by the moves we make and the performance on the field. It baffles me all the time.

Why is this organization so incompetent and greedy? Players are happy to take the easy way out and count their millions while the team goes to hell and back. Coaches have done nothing to try and motivate these players and are content to let them sit on the bench and rot.

The front office, namely Loomis, has been a major disappointment. They\'ve given us little to no improvement in positions that need work i.e. the DL, DB, and LB corps. When they finally find a player that they think could be good with good coaching ( :casstet: ).

Clearly, these project players have failed, and because of this staff\'s moves, we sit here agreeing that Sullivan has officially become a bust, and shouldn\'tve been drafted. We wish for days of Trufant or Newman, days when we can declare ourselves Saints fans without being ridiculed.

When it comes to discussing Saints losses, Jack Daniels can be a great listener.
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Okay, I officially hate Sullivan

looks like ricky williams all over again.... venturi...may you burn
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