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frankeefrank 11-02-2004 11:36 AM

Can someone help me???
In Jeff Duncan's latest column:

He calls out Joe Horn. I'm fine with that... His opinion. But I need help understanding what THE mental errors are? And how he is the team leader in committing thses mistakes?
I hear about them. but they are never listed.

WHY is Devery Henderson NOT ready to play? He doesn't pick up blitz protections. How hard is it to run slants or go routes?
Use him as a decoy. Why Not?

WhoDat 11-02-2004 02:28 PM

Can someone help me???
I dunno what they are and he doesn\'t allude to them... but it\'s hard to argue with 3 Pro Bowls in 4 years and current stats that place him on pace for 100 receptions, 1200 yards, and 11 TDs.

frankeefrank 11-02-2004 05:10 PM

Can someone help me???
thanks for answering whodat/
Is this another \"guy near end of contract\" we don\'t want around for the future and here\'s why...???

RDOX 11-02-2004 05:31 PM

Can someone help me???

I dunno what they are and he doesn\'t allude to them... but it\'s hard to argue with 3 Pro Bowls in 4 years and current stats that place him on pace for 100 receptions, 1200 yards, and 11 TDs.
I think that Duncan did allude to the fact that Horn is \"long in the tooth,\" and has a tendency to be hurt because of age. To answer Frank\'s question about Henderson, it seems that there is a rumor going around that Devery is not quite as bright as they had hoped and he isn\'t catching on to the play book and the intracasies of the Great McCarthy Scheme. He needs more \"development\" or in other words, he hasn\'t a clue what the Saints offense is doing and can\'t seem to learn his routes. Another player bought at a high price because he\'s \"fast.\" Will Hazlett and company ever learn? :casstet:

WhoDat 11-02-2004 05:35 PM

Can someone help me???
That may have something to do with it. HIs article sounded angry, and I can\'t really blame him. He is right about a lot of young player on which the Saints were relying not stepping up as expected.

Stallworth has stayed healthy but not been the game breaker he was suposed to be. The other young WRs have been non-existant.

Boo hasn\'t stepped up like he should have.

Bentley has been questionable at center.

Deuce got hurt.

Sully is poo. Howard hasn\'t recovered.

The LBs (otherthan rodgers) are all young and all poo....

In any case, I\'m not sure where he\'s coming from with the Horn mental mistake thing. I haven\'t heard that in the past, and Horn seems to be playing great. I\'m really not sure what his intentions are. I will say this - just about everyone and his mom thought Horn was trade bait, that he was over the hill, that he won\'t be here next year...

I wouldn\'t be so sure. He\'s on pace to have arguably his best year as a Saint, and with a new coach coming in and this team\'s need for consistent veteran leadership, I wouldn\'t bet the farm that Hollywood will be leaving NO even with his big cap number.

Saint78 11-02-2004 07:47 PM

Can someone help me???
On Henderson not playing, I think Haslett is way to hard on offensive rookies that hold-out during training camp see Stallworth,Deuce, and Henderson. I know when Deuce was a rookie we had Ricky but just think about both of them in the backfield together or either spelling each other in different packages kinda like when Walter Payton & Neil Anderson were together in Chicago. I mean how is a guy going to learn with out being out their getting game experience and I know it aint because McCarthy\'s offense is to hard to learn cause every defensive coordinator in the NFL has figured it out in 1 weeks time when they watch tape on the Saints. Haslett needs to get a clue just look how long he waited to start F. Brown at CB now Freddie Thomas has one foot out the door come this offseason and Deuce can finally change his # back to 22.

saintswhodi 11-02-2004 10:17 PM

Can someone help me???

Haslett needs to get a clue
This is the same guy who has kept Ricky Venturi as his coordinator and watched the defense get worse every year right?

saintswhodi 11-02-2004 10:18 PM

Can someone help me???
And in response to Henderson, what is so damn hard about run towards the end zone as fast as you can? If he doesn\'t know the whole play book, he knows enough to do that for 5-10 plays a game right?

dberce1 11-03-2004 11:24 AM

Can someone help me???
PRECISELY!! In the huddle, just bring a couple of bottle caps, and a stick, and draw out the play for him:

\"This is yoooooooooouuuuuuuu, you run heeeeeeeeeeeeeere, and I\'m gonna throw you this \"football\" thing you see me holding....\"

saintswhodi 11-03-2004 12:38 PM

Can someone help me???
LMAO dberce!!! How hard is that? Didn\'t we all learn that as kids? Run towards the fire hydrant or the blue chevy then cut in and i\'ll throw it!!! It ain\'t that hard!!

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