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Danno 11-05-2004 04:46 PM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5
I'm curious to see whatyou guys think our best 5 players are and our worst 5. Here's my list.
Of course, the bottom five should be pulled from our starters not our scrubs.
Oh, and Kickers don't count, unless your French... or play soccer...or drink Coors light...or you are a gay vegetarian thespian.

1. Deuce McAllister- While I was probably the 1st to call him out last year, I still think he's our best player. I have no problem with the ankle excuse or the play-calling limitations. I just wish he was more of a leader.
2. Aaron Brooks-He is having a pro-bowl year. I'll bet the Raiders would kill for this guy.
3. Mike McKenzie-I know we've only seen a little from him so far, but from what I have seen, its become painfully obvious how bad the rest of the defense is.
4. Charles Grant-He still needs a lot of work on run defense, but with his skills and attitude he will get there
5. LeCharles Bentley-Its hard to put any O-lineman on this list. but he is a stud OG who WILL become a stud OC.

Now the bottom five...
5. Darren Ow-ward-OK I stole that moniker from someone else but its quite creative and fitting, so sue me. He looks nothing like a franchise DE even when he does play. He replaces Tebucky Jones as the most overpaid performer on this team.
4. James Allen-I know he isn't starting anymore but he still deserves to be on this list. Touted as a LB solid vs the run but bad against the pass, he turned out to be horrible at both.
3. Boo Williams-What was supposed to be his pro-bowl coming out party has turned into major concerns about him even being on the team next year.
2. Sedrick Hodge-A LB with all the physical skill one could ask for. The fact that he isn't dominant at all is frustating enough to land him here. Maybe a bit harsh because he's only a little below average but he should be better.
1. Victor Riley-A once solid run blocker and a decent pass blocker has turned into the Jonathan Sullivan of O-linemen. The single bigest disappointment on this team.

rich006 11-05-2004 06:04 PM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5
1. McAllister. Gives 100% all the time and is nearly a complete back (could be better at pass blocking but he\'s improving there too).
2. Karney. I know he\'s a rookie, but he\'s made an impact already and I have a feeling he\'s going to keep getting better and better.
3. Horn. Despite some problems, he\'s still the money man on offense. Who else are you going to look for on third and long?
4. Watson. Another rookie who hasn\'t proven himself yet, but as with Karney, I think he\'ll continue to develop into the defensive leader we need.
5. McAfee. Like everyone else, I don\'t know why we ever let him go.

Honorable mention: Bentley (again, should continue to improve at center), Brooks (not my favorite player, but we\'d be 0-7 without him), Grant (at least somebody on defense has attitude), Bellamy (always around the play), Gleason.

I\'m ranking not by worst player, but by biggest disappointment. Expectation to production ratio is the main criterion for me. I\'m not including any LB\'s because I never expected much out of them, and I don\'t think any of them are very highly paid.
5. Conwell. Where is he?
4. Boo. Seems like he only turns it on when he\'s worried about getting fired.
3. Stallworth. How about some receiving fundamentals? Run the route and catch the ball.
2. Sullivan. I hope he turns it on soon, but so far a huge (literally) bust.
1. T. Jones. Highest paid safety in the world? Please--he can\'t even tackle.

Dishonorable mention: Riley (let\'s see Folau already), Howard (too many injuries), Henderson (again, fundamentals).

Kind of scary that 2 of my top 5 best players are unproven rookies.

JKool 11-06-2004 08:51 PM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5
As of last game:

1. Grant
2. Carney
3. Horn
4. Brooks
5. Brown

Honorable Mention in Best: Karney

1. Riley
2. Hodge

There are many others who might make the \"Worst\" list, but I don\'t feel that other than these two many have played all that badly. Performance is seriously effected by poor game planning, etc.

Most disappointing:
1. Cie Grant
2. Leisle
3. Thomas
4. Stallworth
5. Conwell

frankeefrank 11-06-2004 10:36 PM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5
Where\'s Stinchomb????

Oh wait, you probably left him off your lists like the Staff leaves him off the Active list every sunday
my bad

And, danno that was my moniker...

BlackandBlue 11-06-2004 10:37 PM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5

Darren Ow-ward-OK I stole that moniker from someone else but its quite creative and fitting, so sue me. He looks nothing like a franchise DE even when he does play. He replaces Tebucky Jones as the most overpaid performer on this team.
You are killing me with this. What do you expect him to do when he\'s being double teamed most of the time?

JKool 11-07-2004 03:08 AM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5
Stinchcomb was omitted because he isn\'t a starter.

mutineer10 11-07-2004 08:02 AM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5
Man, this is tough ... but as of week 8

Top 5:

1. Joe Horn - clutch player at 32 years young, notice his precise routes and how LITTLE he drops the ball (that\'ll come into play later).
2. Deuce McAllister - lookin\' a liittle slow since the injury, but still not 100%. We\'re a better team when he\'s on the field, and his stats don\'t reflect his true importance.
3. LeCharles Bentley - he\'s a good one, and he\'s gonna get better.
4. Jay Bellamy - this guy\'s playin\' his guts out this year, with very little credit. Think of how much worse our D would be without him.
5. Steve Gleason - wily special-teamer makes the list. On a team almost devoid of leadership, Gleason makes the most of his limited opportunities.

My honorable mention: Aaron Brooks - gettin\' a bad rap this year, and the unmitigated booing isn\'t helping. I\'m afraid he may not be with us much longer, and we may regret that...

Lesser honorable mention: Mike Karney - the one-back set was a horrible idea, evidenced by Deuce\'s injury. Karney\'s a blue-collar player, and filling in nicely after the departure of Terrell Smith.

Bottom 5:

1. Dante Stallworth - disappears in the clutch, notice his sloppy routes and how OFTEN he drops the ball. This guy may be the most overrated player on our squad.
2. Fred Thomas - this\'ll be unpopular, and I really like Fred, but the Minnesota game really showed what happens when he\'s gotta cover a big WR. Apparently size DOES matter.
3. Boo Williams - disappeared after a big second half last season. We all had big hopes for this guy, but could play calling be at fault?
4. Mike McKenzie - yeah, I know he\'s injured and new, but does anyone else remember the last time we had a dreadlocked crybaby on our roster? (hint: McKenzie also wore #34 in Green Bay)
5. Darren Howard - I agree with the double-team theory to a degree, but Howard\'s been drawing double-teams for a few years now. Sadly, it looks like the injuries may have finally caught up with him.

Don\'t shoot the messenger...

dberce1 11-07-2004 10:05 AM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5
1. Deuce McAllister- can\'t even put into words what this guy means to our team, even though Stecker provides a good backup.
2. Joe Horn- probably an unpopular pick, but the guy comes up clutch every Sunday, injured or not.
3. Brooks- quietly having another efficient year.
4. Charles Grant- only stud on our D.
5. Mel Mitchell- continues to make big plays on special teams.


1. Entire coaching staff- no inspiration, motivation, and too predictable.
2. Tebucky Jones- sit this guy on the bench, then cut him.
3. Boo Williams- bust
4. Sullivan- bust part 2
5. Stallworth- he\'s healthy enough to run those 4 yard routes?? great.

themightyduck 11-07-2004 01:18 PM

Rank our top 5 players and bottom 5
My best 5? I\'ll give this a shot:

5) Derrick Rodgers - Out of all the LB\'s and secondary, he\'s the only one who is dependable enough to respect.

4) Mike Karney - I\'m probably way too high on this rookie, but he\'s been making some incredible blocks for Deuce when he\'s been in. The coaches MUST work him into the offense more.

3) Joe Horn - He\'s been a lot quieter this year (can you believe it?) but his numbers still rank among the top in the NFL.

2) Deuce McAllister - He alone adds a dimension and a half to the O.

1) Charles Grant - In terms of improvement and performance, Grant has no equals. We can all expect him to put up good numbers each Sunday.

My worst 5:

5) Donte Stallworth - He was good for a while, but now he\'s fallen off again. He still can\'t put together a good season, and I think the coaches don\'t like him anymore.

4) Boo Williams - He was overrated to begin with, didn\'t deserve the role he was given, and hasn\'t done anything good for the team.

3) Tebucky Jones - Bill Belichick doesn\'t like him, he can\'t cover, he can\'t tackle, and he\'s overpaid. Another boneheaded move by the front office.

2) Victor Riley - He\'s overweight, constantly has been jumping offsides, can\'t pass block, and he can\'t run block. Get him out of there, Haslett, if you still have a brain!

1) Johnathan Sullivan - A 6th overall draft pick, no matter what the circumstance, should never be overtaken by two street free agents on the depth chart. You are the worst in work ethic, attitude, and likability. If I was the head coach, I\'d deactivate you for the season so you couldn\'t get your measiling undeserved millions.

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