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saintz08 12-29-2002 08:51 PM

Brooks remarks
Stole this from another site :

Brooks on the radio!!
Said the shoulder was fine and that he would have pulled himself had it been a problem. Said the fans disrepected him by booing him. Said it was irrelevant. He basically struggles with the English language. I bet he didn't score very high on the wonderlic test.


Fans disrespected him ??????

Now if that does not set a fans a$$ to flame nothing will .

Brooks call himself a top 10 quarterback .
Certain people will try to defend Brooks and will use touchdown stats and such to do so .
Here to me is the most important stat . In the last 2 years of the games that lead up to the playoffs a total of 7 games .

Record: 0-7

Pass Attempts: 241

Pass completed: 128 53%
For the record last (3) this year 48%

Td's: 10

INT's: 15

Record: 0-7

New Stat- SAL: Smiles After Lossess - 7 for 7

The last two stats says it all !

Now say he was disrespected !!!!!!

saintz08 12-29-2002 11:49 PM

Brooks remarks

Am picking these little Brooks statements up all over the internet .

Another fan writes :

Brooks Says He Dont Play For Fans
He plays for the saints (im assuming benson) and his family and coaches. He dont play for the fans.... wow!! thats all i can say

GoldRush26 12-30-2002 01:50 PM

Brooks remarks
In case you didn\'t know...Brooks is legitimately an idiot. He\'s been reported as scoring horribly on the NFL\'s IQ testing.

I\'m not much better...I bought one of his jersey.

I\'d trade Brooks away for some conditional draft picks(ala RW) and attempt to sign Jake Plummer. But besides the fact that this team doesn\'t have the guts to pull off such a move, they don\'t recognize that Brooks ego is too large and he has too little heart to lead this team to victory.

Step 1 of problem solving. Identify the problem.

Since Brooks is the problem and the coaching staff is so enamored with him, that\'s where the buck stops. I hope I\'m wrong, but in the nine years I\'ve been a fan, that\'s just the way the chips have fallen.

WhoDat 12-30-2002 02:13 PM

Brooks remarks
Gator - I can try to answer some of those questions.

1. Whether we get rid of him through a trade or simlpy cut him, he costs us at least $12 million, b/c that was his signing bonus. We pay that to him over the next few season regardless of what happens.

2. After his recent performance I don\'t think they can get much for him. Of course, in business there is something called sunk costs. I am taking this straight from college level finance classes. Sunk costs are the costs already incurred in a project. The idea is that you don\'t let sunk costs effect your future decisions. In other words, if you\'ve spent $12 million dollars on a project that now looks like it will totally flop, you DO NOT continue with the project simply b/c you\'ve spent so much money on it already. You cut your losses and look for the next best thing to help your organization be successful. The Saints don\'t understand this. I would bet that b/c of his contract, which another team would have to honor if we trade him, he is worthless on the open market. His contract would first have to be restructured, or he would have to be cut. Seriously, would any other team pay him, what, $36 million for 6 years? I bet not.

3. He is Cordell already. Text book case. The Saints are stuck and it\'s they\'re own fault. They should have made him prove himself this year before they offered him any kind of contract. It\'s their own fault they\'re stuck with him, and now, as a result, so are we - the fans.

saintz08 12-30-2002 02:23 PM

Brooks remarks
Funny you should ask that contract question Gator .

Being the highly critcized Brooks basher that I have been labeled , although I must admit it really does me no good to be so called right . When the contract was signed it was a weird one to say the least on Brooks , a fellow football fan took a look at it and called it a dumper contract . If memory serves me well it was a 6 year contract , backloaded with the bonus paid in the front . So I think it was 5 million , sign on the dotted line and base salary and it really goes into effect in the 2003 season .The 5 million cap hit can be prorated over 6 years .So I think if the dump Brooks tomorrow , 5 million hit over 6 years ....... Loomis impressed me with that one ...

We can only get what someone is willing to pay , look at the quarterback hungry teams , I think he could be dealt .

2 1/2 years as a starter , with his study habits and ego , I say we have seen Brooks potential . I still like the idea of Holmgren in New Orleans and Mueller, Haslett and Brooks in Seattle all taking long hot showers together . If Haslett and Brooks are going to attack the fans for their poor efforts on the field , I say they deserve each other . Hope they find a better fitting wedding dress for Brooks when he takes the picture for the Sport Illustrated cover .

naylor13 12-30-2002 02:36 PM

Brooks remarks
I\'m not sure Brooks is the root cause of the problem - remember those 3rd down lasers to Horn early on, & our one & only play-off win? I see his & indeed the entire team\'s late-season play as more of a symptom of a leader-less team with an average coach who can\'t channel AB\'s talent & can\'t lead from the sideline (since Ab clearly can\'t do that on the field). Haz as much as admitted he couldn\'t coach the NFL\'s best RB (who may also be this season\'s MVP).

I don\'t think AB is highly valued by other teams (in the same way not many were breaking down the doors to get Rickey). So, Haz needs to go if Brooks stays, or Haz should get a mature QB who can lead. I like the idea of Plummer. We\'ve had dubious experience with Snakes in the past, but this one doesn\'t drink. ;)

Of course, none of this will happen. We\'ll maybe get a new coordinator or two, another disappointing season next year complete with the now-traditional late-season fold, and maybe THEN we\'ll get a new head coach. If Haz sticks with AB, they\'ll bring each other down.

saintz08 12-30-2002 02:39 PM

Brooks remarks
Alright Who Dat ,

Now you really have me confused !!!!!

Thought this was the Brooks deal :


QB Aaron Brooks Gets 6 Year – 36 Million Dollar Deal

The New Orleans Saints stepped up Friday and gave quarterback Aaron
Brooks a six-year, $36 million contract extension.

The deal included a $5 million signing bonus.

Brooks, who was the Saints\' quarterback during the team\'s first
playoff victory, is entering his second full season as the starter.
The Saints had been talking about a $30 million deal, but Patriots
quarterback Tom Brady signed a four-year, $30 million contract to
raise the stakes.
Included in the Brooks deal is a $5.75 million option bonus in 2003.

Tell me if I am wrong .......

4saintspirit 12-30-2002 05:43 PM

Brooks remarks
:exclam: I cannot blame Brooks for everything> i have often said thathe has the physical skills to be a special QB but I dont think he has the heart or the passion for the game. His statements just prove the point. He is always beign direspected - The saints did that when they negotiated the deals for their draft picks and didnt renegotiate his deal first. The fans did it when they booed him. Sorry guy -- but when the playoffs are on the line and you plays your worst 2 games as a pro against 2 bad teams what do you expect. you want to be respected -- win.

saintz08 12-30-2002 06:15 PM

Brooks remarks
The way Brooks hangs out on the sidelines with his little water bottle and blankie around his neck is so cute . For a 3 year old .....

Wondering why that man was there Aaron ? Review the photos !!!!

Brooks is riding on his potential and natural abilities , he does not do the time with the offense on the sidelines and does not check the photo sheet .

He just stands there popping his gum , with his blankie around his neck .

Brooks is all about the money ......

Haslett is like Daddy , why were you mean fans picking on my son ???

WhoDat 12-30-2002 11:33 PM

Brooks remarks
08 - you\'re probably right. I am not sure at all about the details of Brooks\' deal. I thought the signing bonus was greater, but it sounds like you know more than I do.

If what you say is true, if we have the option to get out of his contract quickly with a small loss, we need to do it now! NOW! Dump him before it\'s too late!

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