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Now here's something new...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I got this in my newsbreaks from KFFL today. Thought ya'll could get some milage out of it. ________________________________________________________________ "While the New Orleans Saints have struggled all season, they have not given up hope on the season. They feel their ...

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Now here's something new...

I got this in my newsbreaks from KFFL today. Thought ya'll could get some milage out of it.

"While the New Orleans Saints have struggled all season, they have not given up hope on the season. They feel their weak division still gives them a chance to be a contender if they are able to get to 4-4 on the season.

Coach killers? According to sources, there seems to be a thought process developing that the New Orleans Saints are loaded with "coach killing" players; in other words, players that flash talent but do not show up on game day (i.e. WR Donte' Stallworth)."

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Now here's something new...

u know if we have such players then the coaching staff should have gone out and got better ones. if they r not showing up on gameday then stop starting them every game. u find someone that will pay n u play them. to me it doesnt seem like the team is willing to make changes. thats just me. when have u really seen this coaching staff make a change that mattered. when have u sat back and ever said now them sitting that guy is a surprise. u want to always have ur best players on the field but if they are not showing up your better off starting someone else who at least wants to be out there.

you know what tyhis new talk of not giving up oin the season to me sounds like. more ticket selling. trying to get the fans a little hope. well we\'ll see this game and as much as i want to se us come out and play hard and look good doing so i wouldnt expect it. i mean i\'d love to see it but its like coming out of offseason and hearing about how good we looked and how much potential we have. we should be 6-2 right now. no use crying over spilled milk but its make life a lot harder on us. especially when i remember hearing that the focus this year as opposed to stopping the run was getting out of the gate early. hmmm same start as last year against worse teams then last year. this just seems to be more hype to me to boost ticket sales for the 2nd half of the season. well i hope im wrong but i think come tomorrow we will see the same product we have seen this whole year.

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Now here's something new...

You\'re right spkb - it sounds just like the Bulls\' slogan this season - \"Through thick and thin.\" Apparently they\'re trying to motivate fans to keep going to the games by playing the bandwagon card. Sounds like the Saints. I\'m not so sure that it\'s coming from the MKTing Dept. though - which has become one of the better ones in the league recently. It sounds to me like it\'s coming from coaches tring to keep their jobs.

On the player issue - these are HASLETT\'s guys. Didn\'t HE say before LAST season that he finally had the team HE wanted? Coach killers - gimme a break. I think the coaches are player killers. Guys who keep talented players from developing and who don\'t make changes to put their players in position to win week in and week out. Sounds like talk of desperate men to me.

I love the arguments that people keep making for the coaches. Why? It\'s beyond me. Here are some of my favorites:

1. It\'s not him it\'s the players.
Who picked the players? Mueller did most of that when he was here and I would say that it worked out pretty well. Now JH is in essence the person in charge of player personnel, so they\'re HIS players. HE rebuilt the defense last season. You think Loomis just goes out and picks whatever player he wants? JH gives him a direction and probably hand selects the guys himself (see Tebucky Jones).

2. It\'s not Haz it\'s the coordinators.
Again, who chose the coordinators? HASLETT! If a coordinator isn\'t doing his job (Venturi), Haslett should find someone who can or do it himself.

3. It\'s tough to be successful when you have injuries.
This was the argument for Haz and Venturi last season. Interestingly, the decimated team last season finished with the 18th ranked defense. This year they\'re dead last.

4. Haz can\'t make these guys play sound ball.
Sure, a coach has nothing to do with team discipline. Right. Teams reflect their coach, so what does that tell you? Besides, at best this goes back to the players argument - Haz brought in the undiscipline or underachieving players and has failed to replace them with different players.

5. He\'s really been unlucky. Things out of his control have hurt him.
He must be the unluckiest man alive. All these fine upstanding and proven players that he brought in magically turn to sh-t just as soon as they donned the black and gold huh? And coaching didn\'t have a thing to do with it. They just magically turned to underachievers and bone-headed dolts as soon as they got here. Otherwise, if you want to blame Haslett\'s career on poor officiating go right ahead.

The best part about the luch argument is that even if all the other stuff has nothing to do with it and Haslett truly is just unlucky, it\'s still his fault. His unlucky nature is making our Saints lose. Results don\'t lie. Let\'s go out and get a coach with a rabbit\'s foot up his azz!

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

\"Being a Saints fan is almost like being addicted to crack,\"
he said.[i]\"You know you should stop, but you just can\'t.\"
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Now here's something new...


Fabulous post. Fabulous!! I would only add one thing. The organization allowed Hazlett to put himself in this position. Hazlett does have a knowledge of football. LoomBoom does not. Without a STRONG guiding hand in the Front Office you get chaos.

As much as I hate Atlanta, I have to give Arthur Blank credit for doing the right thing. Rich McKay, not Jim Mora, Jr., is the architect for this club. He knows football, players, and coaches. He has teamed with Mora and has been a force in the organization. The same is true in Detroit. Millen and Mooch are turning a perinal loser into a respectable team.

What has happened here is that this ENTIRE organization is fragmented. Coach killing players come from the Front Office. Scouts, Director of Players, GM, control what gets on the field. The coach takes what he\'s given and makes it work.

Finally, there is one point of contention about the \"coordinators.\" Benson, not Mueller or Hazlett, hired both Venturi and McCarthy prior to Hazlett being named. So, I don\'t know that Hazlett bears ALL of the blame for their shortcomings.

My two cents.
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