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spkb25 11-06-2004 12:46 PM

sd only 374 total yard n 28 points
lt 31 rushes for 332 yards. his last run is for 2 yards only. because its a td. brees only throws the ball three times. twice compllete for 43 yards. both to gates one for a td. lt gets three td's. saints loose 28-10 after leading 3-0 after first drive. where they were able to reach the 18 before a first down false start followed immeadiatly by a holding call that saw deuce get to the one on. now they r at the 33 yard line facing a first n 25. they run deuce on a draw for 6 yards. 2 n 19. now they throw to the end zone but its dropped by a wide open boo williams. on third they throw but arron has to scramble because of pressure. only gets 4 yards. carney kicks 40 yards field goal. we dont score again till 4rth quarter with 4 minutes left.

hows that sound. little bs but not that off

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