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FWtex 12-29-2002 09:47 PM

HAZ lost team AND fans this year
Tom Benson is in for a very long 2003. When he and Arnold start moaning about season ticket sales being so low he can turn to the comments made by the 2 most listened two people in the organization.

1. Haz in an interview after game decided it was best to complain about the fans in the stands for the loss instead of looking at the sorry play those fans had to sit and watch. Two lousey field goals and the most boring offense ever seen with so much talent. The defense did its job today.

2. Aaron Brooks after being in control of the most ineffective offense with so many weapons was only questioning why the fans would be complaining about the QB who has the most TD passes in the league.

The reason the saints are not able to finish a season looks to be quite evident. They are being led by two guys who are too consumed in themselves. They are the type to blame others for failures instead of looking at themselves.

When is someone, ANYONE, going to tell Brooks The game of football is a team sport and it last for 16 games ... not until a QB has a bunch of TD's. SPEAKING of those TD's Aaron Brooks likes to promote so well as his own, how many were made by the receivers breaking a tackle and making yards after the catch? Could someone run the stats of AB's TD passes into the endzone vs. those made by the great efforts of the receivers.

SaintPez 12-29-2002 09:53 PM

HAZ lost team AND fans this year
I agree with some other posts Ive read. I say fire Haslett solely for the bengals loss.
The Bengals loss was the worst loss in our team\'s history bar none. Worse than our first loss in the first playoff game we were in vs. Atlanta , when by the way, a bogus roughing the passer call on Mills turned that one against us.
I say the worst loss because not only are the Bengals football\'s losingest franchise in the last 10-12 years, but the total draining of confidence and morale in an explosive team that had promise.
The loss of our franchise\'s hope for the playoffs ended with that one loss. Sure we lost more and ended up in the very worst case scenario, but our season was truley over after that single game.
The responsibility of that game rests on Hasletts shoulders. Maybe if he told the team, AAron and co. not to be having such a good time laughing and smiling on the sidelines I could find some thread of hope to say he deserves to stay. But he didnt. And he continued to not discipline them for the remainder of the games.
I dont know who should replace him, or if Brooks should go, but i do know this...
Something must change or we will have another huge collapse,..and let December.

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