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naylor13 12-29-2002 10:53 PM

Haslett an Amateur, Brooks a Child ?
Something is radically wrong with a team that craters two years running, and in the process fails to take advantage of a playoff window left open until the very last minute, courtesy of Cleveland.

Mr. Haslett does not seem to have an even elementary appreciation of fan behavior in general, and Saints fans in particular. We have been loyal for so long, in good times and in bad, really bad times. The palpable promise of success that is dribbled away in such pathetic fashion is doubly painful :casstet: for a Saints fan. So yes we do get "negative". Mr. Haslett, get used to it, and "look to the mote in thine own eye" i.e look for real causes for the pitiful performances we've seen this season and last.

I don't know Mr. Brooks, but I'm intrigued by 1) a recent post that talked of his "childish ego", 2) an earlier post about Brooks inexplicably leaving the field with seconds to go to half-time when Jake was preferred to throw a Hail Mary, and 3) Brooks' preoccupation with his own stats & ProBowl prospects to the apparent exclusion of the more important matters at hand. Such self-centered behavior would be the root cause of our 0-7 finishes to the last two seasons....especially if it was not managed by a competent coach. Mr.Haslett has already admitted that he couldn't coach the best RB in the league, and the same seems true for our talented if narcissistic QB.

Let's let Mr. Haslett go. Let's rue the loss of Mr. Meuller. And let's sympathize with the Dolphins fans today, who must feel even worse than we do.

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