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RockyMountainSaint 11-08-2004 12:05 AM

Jim's Next "Cancer"
I'm curious to hear who it will be this time. It is a tried and true response to a humiliating start or a disappointing finish. I know we all have opinions as to who isn't performing on the field but as a diversion from the crap we have been seeing week after week it might be fun to predict this one.

My guess is it will be Bryan Young. He spoke out against Sully. He is an overachieving high-motor player who expects the same from his team-mates. I call this a leader. The current and hopefully lame-duck staff seems to regard players like him as "CANCERS!!!" (see Turley).

Any thoughts?

Saint_LB 11-08-2004 06:26 AM

Jim's Next "Cancer"
You haven\'t heard, yet? It\'s me...seriously. Yep, that\'s what I was told last year when I was trying to enlighten people regarding Haz & Co...on the old Saint\'s message board. You know, because all the players come in here to look and see what us fans are saying, and, because of my negativity they play poorly on Sunday. Yep, that\'s right....I been doing it for going on thirty-somethin\' years now. long have we had the internet? Oh well, if not thru the net, they heard me complaining somehows. I should just shut up and let them win.

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