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JOESAM2002 12-30-2002 12:15 AM

I will not bash!
That's right, I will not bash the Saints. Yes i've read all the posts on here and I still won't bash. You guys all have good points. I won't deny you that. Yes some terrible things have been attributed to the fans by some players and coaches. The reason I won't bash them is this. These men are all professionals, players and coaches. It seems to me the only one they have to answer to is Tom Benson. Somehow I get the feeling he's not real happy today either. The way I see it is all involved in the Saints this year need to get up in the morning and take a good hard look in the mirror. Ask themselves a few questions,
1. did I do all I could this year?
2. is any part of this late season slide my fault?
3. am I really as good as I think I am or can I improve something to make me better?
4. do I really want to play or coach professional football?
Most of these answers should be yes. If all are yes, get ready to meet your maker, cause Jesus is here.
I know no one from the team will read this but I hope they do. It's not easy to look at yourself and admit we have faults but we all do.
I love this team always have, always will. I'd just like some answers and I mean HONEST answers.

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