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blackwidows 11-09-2004 05:09 PM

how does this contract stuff work
The reason is if we get rid of Jim haslett that has a contract till 2006 that pays 15 million. Loomis has a contract until 2006 not sure the amount. Aaron Brooks contract extention in 2002 worth six years 35 million. How can we get rid of these without it hurting us in the salary cap department. Wouldn't this hurt the salary cap? Or does it not effect the salary cap?

BlackandBlue 11-09-2004 05:13 PM

how does this contract stuff work
coaches salaries have no effect on the salary cap.

RockyMountainSaint 11-09-2004 06:13 PM

how does this contract stuff work
If a coach is fired then the organization is libel to honor the contract for the entire duration of said contract. That is a lot of money for this owner especially if he also has to concurrently pay a new coach.

It is compounded by the fact that the coordinators have the same deal. Any new coach will bring in new coordinators in this situation. I mean, honestly why would any coach keep the turds we have currently.

Danny Snyder did this in Washington with Spurrier. Snyder is a Brat Dot-Com Billionare. Tommy Benson sells cars.......

There is the possibility of the organization negotiating a monetary settlement with the current staff but again they have to pay a new staff at the same time. Not a great situation for an owner without serious capital at his disposal

We may be looking at a situation where both sides are content for now. Haz & Co. may have a bit of Sully Syndrome. I\'m getting paid regardless of my performance. Don\'t think for a moment that Haz is\'nt aware of Benson\'s financial limitations as an owner in the league.

Benson may be content to continue to sell out the Dome even though he is delivering an incredibly crappy product. Why make difficult, pricey changes to become competitive on the field if the consumer will accept less? \"Buy American\" ring any bells?

I truly hope that I am totally off base here but I am no longer a Sunshiner I am taking up arts and crafts instead. I am working on my Bag.

Maybe we can run a contest here to reward the greatest creativity in bag making. It will be a positive outlet for a completely frustrating and confounding situation. Think of the money we will save on therapy!

POOP! I am going to make an appointment with my therapist.

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[Edited on 10/11/2004 by RockyMountainSaint]

blackwidows 11-09-2004 06:31 PM

how does this contract stuff work
Well I hope i\'m wrong but it looks like where stuck with Haslett until 2006. Damn can we atleast get rid of Venaterri though? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I want for christmas is Venatteri gone. lmao!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the info everyone.

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RockyMountainSaint 11-09-2004 06:37 PM

how does this contract stuff work
One more thought.

Do you think Tommy-Boy would still be content if the Dome was shown filled with Bag-Heads on ESPN every week?

WhoDat 11-09-2004 06:51 PM

how does this contract stuff work

the organization is libel to honor the contract
So they can slander the hell out of the contract? LOL.

Haslett WILL go after the season, but Loomis may not. Benson and Loomis are very close - Loomis stood in Benson\'s wedding I think. Hopefully Benson is smart enough to put Loomis back in charge of what we all know is most important to Tom Benson - business operations (read money), and hire a real GM to be the head of \"football operations.\" Let Loomis work out the contract details - fine by me. I like our cap situation... but please God let someone else evaluate talent and make personnel decisions (especially coaching). Please!

shadowdrinker_x 11-09-2004 11:33 PM

how does this contract stuff work
thats why im so sold on somehow getting jimmy takes big contracts to be competitive in this league...we signed a few wrong players at wrong times...we are kinda tight for scratch...but..we aren\'t in unrepairable shape by any means...if we can et rid of some of the overpaid howard..we can free up some cash..and get some productive things happening...

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