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biloxi-indian 11-09-2004 06:54 PM

At least
Dave W in Miami had the courage to resign. There is no such dignity in Haz.

jbutts 11-09-2004 07:39 PM

At least
you see, resigning in midseason is just not Haz\' style.
just check out all those games we played where we never adjusted our gameplan. it is kind of like the same thing.

ScottyRo 11-09-2004 07:45 PM

At least
I prefer the coach to stay til the end of the year unless asked to resign. When Mora quit, I lost respect for him. The fact is that he was responsible for putting a good team on the field just as it is now Haslet\'s responsibility to do so. He shouldn\'t get the opportunity to bail out and move on while we\'re left to watch the team finish in pathetic fashion.

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