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pakowitz 12-30-2002 10:08 AM

never give up!!!
i will never give up on the saints, everyone in here is bashing them for losing the last 3 games and they rightfully deserve it, but no one in here thought that we would even have a shot at the playoffs, and u all know im right, so suck it up, and wait for the year that everyone thought would be our year, which is NEXT YEAR, so get ur asses back on the wagon and stop all the complaining and look forward to bigger and better things for years to come

Saintjoe1 12-31-2002 01:24 AM

never give up!!!
hmmm, well lets look at this last game in comparison to the end of last season .

well , defense played very well - grade A
special teams - grade A
running game - grade A
passing game - D- ( QB - F receivers C- )
last three games last year I would rate F in every catagory. In EVERY game this year we were in the game up until the last second .

I am just as upset over the way this season ended as the next fan , but I think to say that this team \'tanked\' is not very fair when it was really one person (maybe two if you count Haslett for not at least trying to see if Jake could have provided a spark) that kept us out of the playoffs .

I agree with ya Pak , never give up . We\'ll bounce back even better next year...

lumm0x 01-02-2003 12:33 PM

never give up!!!
After the Carolina game I had this feeling throughout my body like someone just ran over my dog and he was lying there bleeding in front of me. The feeling has not left my heart or my head and won\'t until April at the draft when someone tells me \" I got a new puppy for you and he will make you forget about that dog and be your new best friend\". I will never forget each dog of each year....I loved every one of them and will embrace each spring puppy with the same hope....but dammit why can\'t our dog dodge that car just once!!!!! :casstet:

daviddrake2 01-02-2003 07:32 PM

never give up!!!
First, let me partially apologize for my *****ing as of late, even though I believe that I am truly justified.

First, maybe the SAINTS were not \'supposed\' to have a good season. But despite this they were having a great one, even leading the league for a while. Then they blew it!

And, maybe Brooks was not \'supposed\' to have a good year. Maybe this was supposed to the the year he needed to mature before joining the ranks of the NFL elite. But he started out great anyway, putting up fantastic numbers that led everyone to think he was for real and one of the NFL\'s best. Then he tanked! He went from being one of the best to looking like a 3rd or 4th stringer that had never taken a snap and had no business being on the field half the time.

Maybe no one expected much out of our defensive unit this year. But for the first 7 games, they showed a determination to make it look like we could handle anything any other team could throw at them. They played well enough that as long as our top ranked (or near top ranked) offense kept putting up the numbers they were, we were capable of beating anyone in the league. But then they too tanked! They appeared to lose their drive as the season went on and towards the end, I don\'t know if they even cared who won or lost. They blew basic coverages that gave up big play after big play and costs games. They missed countless possible interceptions and missed too many arm tackels. Hell, Dale Carter just stood there at the 20 while Randy Moss caught his last touchdown in what should have been a muct win game that would have had the SAINTS prepping for their 1st playoff game of of the season right now.

Yea, there were bright spots. Lewis had a phenomenal year. Duece proved he was the right back to keep. Horn rocked for most of the season. And there were glimpses of greatness in almost every game from any number of other players.

But still, there was no onfield, sideline or offfield leadership. There was no enthusiasm. There was no drive to capitalize on a great start to the season. And there was no acceptance of responsibility when it all went down the drain -- AGAIN! And that pisses me off.

I will be pissed for a while and I\'ll eventually get over it. I\'ll start to forget the bad and remember the good of the 2002 season. But it will take time. Maybe by the time the draft rolls around I can start looking forward to what is \'supposed\' to be the SAINTS season to shine. But I just need some time to mourn what \'could have been\", if not \'should have been\' this year.

David in Houston

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