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DiddleDeePooh 12-30-2002 10:25 AM

Who should "GO" - your thoughts???
I'd really like to know who some of you think should be sent packing in order for the SAINTS to be REAL WINNERS. Comment please - - -

GoldRush26 12-30-2002 02:48 PM

Who should "GO" - your thoughts???
Geez you forgot the most important figure.


rodjmaw 12-30-2002 09:10 PM

Who should "GO" - your thoughts???
MLB charlie clemons should go go simply coz he cannot stuff the run or come off his blocks. DT norman hand if he do not take a pay cut, plus i believe kenny smith would be a better fit. jay bellamy should be let go coz i believe we will have a chance to pick up mike doss plus mel mitchell with his play on special team deserve a chance to challenge fo that spot

Saintjoe1 12-30-2002 11:56 PM

Who should "GO" - your thoughts???
I would like to start by putting down some thoughts on what I would like to see stay:
Mike Riley - (hopefully he won\'t be lured away)and give him the defense. It seems to me a terrible waste to have him on DB\'s .
Sammy Knight - I am sorry , I know it is not popular right now but I still love Sammy. He was about the only one that didn\'t quit on us last year in the meltdown games , and was a notable exception again in this last game against Carolina as well . In a better surrounding cast (or is it defensive scheme?) a ball hawk / devastating hitter like Sammy is a real gamebreaker . If a safety must be sacrificed to appease the gods - dump Bellamy instead .
Al Everest & McAfee , Gleason, and the Beerman - Thank god for special teams . Thanks for a excellent season guys .
Deuce - Of course . Thanks for not giving us a black eye over the Miami deal . He proved to this fan that he has both the guts and the talent to be big time.

Okay , as far as who goes : I don\'t wanna see :
Michael Hawthorne in a Saints uniform again if it can be helped , pleeeeeeeeze?! I know he is a reserve , but this guy is just a walking bullseye.
Grady Jackson - Not athletic enough , atleast Hand is pretty spry when healthy- this guy moves with the agility of a dumptruck . Against a good cutting RB Grady is useless . We have to get a pass rush going anyway (it would really go a long way to helping our secondary if we could atleast inconvenience the opposing QB every now and then )
Entire starting linebacker corp (except maybe Clemmons) - Way too many games this year without effective run stopping from this position . LB\'s were an incredible disappointment this year .
Joe Horn\'s Vocal cords - I luv ya Joe but you keep digging us holes by revving up crappy teams to play their best games of the year .

Guys on the bubble next year :

Aaron Brooks - Now that I am calmed down and can look at this issue logically . I am not one for playing musical QB , but the lack of passion that Brooks has displayed is disturbing . If he is going to be successful with us he is gonna have to be a lot better at handling the pass rush (does our offense even have hot reads ? It doesn\'t seem like it . ) Many of his problems seem to stem from his confidance . I say bring back Willie Jackson . Don\'t pay too too much for him (he will never be a GREAT receiver , but him and Aaron had good timing and he makes a great security blanket for our QB) I am willing to grant Aaron lenience this year since it is only his second season as a starter , next year though is another story ....
Charles Grant - Yeah , I know he is just a rookie . But in my opinion upgrading our pass rush is vital .(have ya picked up on that?:) )While he did have some good games he has pretty much done the same thing he did in college (play inconsistantly) . I am not saying he should be cut , but maybe his role needs to be reduced if he doesn\'t pick up the pace next year .

As far as the owner goes , is Benson really THAT bad ? How much worse of a shape would we be in if we had an ego maniac like they have in Dallas or Washington ? The thing that worries me about the team going on the market is that the possibility of them relocating becomes greater .

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