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shadowdrinker_x 11-12-2004 06:12 PM dom capers ..your new coach
are you kidding me..look at his credentials..go ahead..type his name in your search engine..and be amazed by his potential for making something out of nothing...he made carolina..he made houston..this guy to me may even be a slight favorite in my mind..over jimmy johnson..although jimmy would be fantastic..capers would be perfect for this team...

i don't know how to post a link...but this read is a must...if you feel like capers may be a good choice...or if you don't...i don't know the contract situation with him and houston...maybe we could trade coaches?..hahaha

[Edited on 13/11/2004 by shadowdrinker_x]

[Edited on 13/11/2004 by shadowdrinker_x]

WhoDat 11-13-2004 07:34 AM dom capers ..your new coach
Uh, I don\'t know if you know this, but Dom has a job right now. What, other teams are going to just give us their coaches now? He\'s the slight favorite in your mind? Is that like AB owning them all day in his eyes? :casstet:

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