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just a thought

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; i really did believe last year we had a chance at the playoffs. i mean i thought we beat carolina the one game on the safety that was never called when jake threw the ball for what was an obvious ...

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just a thought

i really did believe last year we had a chance at the playoffs. i mean i thought we beat carolina the one game on the safety that was never called when jake threw the ball for what was an obvious intentional grounding from the end zone. even the league apologized for the missed call. i also thought in the first half of the year we played so bad because of all the injuries we had especially on the d side of the ball. then horn was hobbled all year by an injury. but left last year honestly feeling we were a couple of plays or games away from the playoffs.

now this year. we r worse. i mean honestly this team plays worse then last years. we look worse. and it has been all year. heres the worse part in my mind. we are just about completely healthy. healthier then most teams in the league right now. look at our injury rport. basically noone is on it. and we really suck. how can that be? haslett said before the season that the most important key was stayiong healthy. well jim bro ur healthy as ****. whats ur excuse. dude we suck so bad this year i almost want to frigan cry. n as much as i think we need a new coaching staff and i do u know how much of this falls on the players. probally half of it. i always complaine they dont blitz enough. well i read this week on nola.com that they blitzed like 17 times last week. right around that number anyway. my god what in the hell is the problem?
then i read the comments made by young. he was talking about smiles on players faces at practice and people runnign around happy all the time. anbd what he said was i'd like to see less then that during practice and more of that on sunday after we win. so as much as i blame the coaching staff im starting to think its half the players fought too. what the hell are u doing smiling when u get ur ass kicked every week. cause i know im not smiling about it and noone else on this board is enjoying this year at all.
but i always come back to this point. if that is part of the problem then it still in some ways come back to coaching. if u got guys on ur team running around during practice smiling and laughing n ur 3-5 and u have lost to two teams that before they played u had had no wins well then u as a coach should put a stopo to that ****. imagine u work for a company and after u loose a package worth 10000 dollars ur running around laughing. ur ass would be out on the street next day. this needs to stop. if we cant win this year which it most certainly looks like we cant we need a major overhaul. new players and coaches. some players can stay but most would have to go.
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just a thought

Good thoughts spkb25,
hell I can\'t remember last weeks game let along one last year. You are right, coaching is partly to blame. 80 to 90 % I\'d say. His players don\'t respond to him. I know Hasexcuse puts in the hours but it\'s not showing on Sundays. Yea we are low on D talent but we should be able to score with anyone. Hasexcuse just doesn\'t seem to get the most out of his people! Put this O with New England or Denver see what you get. 4 or 5 all pros easy. Hasexcuse get a clue. Announce that you wont\' be comming back next year. Not fired, just wont\' be comming back. That way we can search for a new coach and hope for 1 or 2 wins more.

It\'s all your fault, not mine. The fans should never boo their home team. HAHAHAHA
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