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saintz08 12-30-2002 11:38 AM

Did they play hard for AB?
I would assume it was something Horn said . lol
He has been doing it all year , giving the other team the edge with his comments .

I do not necessarily believe the offense layed down , what should explain the apparent lay down was the fact the corners were bringing the heat . Horns comments on seeing fear in the Panthers secondary the first game , got them fired up and unified .

Brooks was off target again and the receivers were not going to get bell rung on Brooks wild passes , look at what happened when Stallworth reached for one of the misguided missles .The front line can only hold the defensive front for so long and when Brooks starts dancing it makes it real hard . If I am not mistaken the rule of thumb to release the ball is worse case scenario 7 seconds , 5 is the NFL average . Brooks inaccuracy at times gets the receivers killed and his indecision gets lineman beat up .

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