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JKool 11-14-2004 03:31 PM

Well, that was a close one.
Whew, now we can all be happy for a few hours!

Defense came through at the end with a pair of big plays. Ruff and Howard, hunh? I honestly don't know what to say about that. Of course, they did manage to give up nearly 500 yards...

Offense, not too shabby today. McAllister lookin' good. Horn, the man. Brooks, only one fumble, and he managed to get it back. Stallworth made some plays. Karney - TOTAL beast!

I saw that they were throwing to Boo a lot, but he had only three catches. Could someone who saw the game tell me if he dropped a lot or if they just weren't really getting to him. I still, deep down, want him to be good.

JOESAM2002 11-14-2004 03:37 PM

Well, that was a close one.
I didn\'t see him drop any , he was overthrown alot. O line played like a screen door on a submarine.

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Mull#5 11-14-2004 03:39 PM

Well, that was a close one.
hey JKool, did you watch it on gamecentre?

G504 11-14-2004 03:42 PM

Well, that was a close one.
YES!!! Of course we need about 6 more of these, plus a couple of losses by Green Bay, Seatle, and/or Dallas to be back in it, but this is a good start.
Not gonna bring up Denver yet. Let\'s enjoy this win for a little while.

Mull#5 11-14-2004 03:48 PM

Well, that was a close one.
mmmm.....such a nice feeling, soak it up!!! though i have to say all this passing on first down is absolutely ridiculous especially when you have a back who is gaining over 10 yards per carry. i can\'t see the point, running it is so much safer, ball protection!!! i mean how many 2nd and 10\'s were we left with or 2nd and more than 10 because of a sack or incompletion on first down?? When deuce is running that well, they simply MUST give it to him on first down!!!!

D_it_up 11-14-2004 04:17 PM

Well, that was a close one.
O.K. I guess it\'s time for some Good Cop/Bad Cop. Positives vs. Negatives on the game.

Positives: Deuce- Heeeeeeee\'s Baaaaaaaack! Sure KC has a pitiful defense, but Deuce was flashing some brilliance and tough running out there today. He should\'ve had more touches the way he was pounding through the line and running for big gains, but I\'ll take this kind of game from him any day of the week. Double stiff arm to Woods was just too darn funny.

Horn- What can you say about him besides \"Thank God we have him and not KC\"? Came up huge today and loved the fact that they were going vertical to him. Most I\'ve seen the Saints throw deep all year.

Brooks-Made some big plays when they had to be made. Sure he threw a pick on one of the typical Brooks throws from his back foot and fumbled once (good job recovering though), but he was on the run all day long due to constant pressure and a offensive line so pourous that would make Spongebob Squarepants feel insignificant. Came through in the clutch. Good to see.

McKenzie- He\'s finally starting to become the player the Saints thought they were getting when they traded for him. His interception came off of Morton slipping, but he kept his concentration and stayed with it. Made a couple of nice pass break-ups in the game.

KC Penalties- This is where I\'m glad we were playing a team with bigger boneheads than the Saints have. All those personal foul calls really took their toll on the Chiefs.

2nd Half Defense: Other than the drive where Blaylock scored to tie the game, they buckled down when they were needed. McKenzie and Ruff\'s interceptions and Darren Howard\'s sack and forced fumble at the end proved to be huge. Defense still looks horrible, though.

Negatives: Defense- Even though they were playing one of the best offensive lines in the league, the Saints still can\'t do anything against the run or the pass. When you give up 500 yards a game, you deserve to lose, but somehow they pulled it out. See \"bonehead\" comment above.

Offensive line- They only showed up when Deuce was running the ball on occasion. I saw him have to create his own yards at times, though. Pass protection was non-existent. Played flat all game long.

Penalties- They won the penalty battle, but they still had their share of mistakes obviously. Once again, see \"bonehead\" comment above.

Prolonging the inevitable- Haslett? How lucky can you get? Your job is salvaged for now. You may want to start packing, though. Don\'t get too comfortable after the win today. You\'ll be a defensive coordinator for some other team next year.

The Saints played sloppy with the exception of Deuce and Horn. Brooks once again gave us moments of pleausre and pain. The defense still has us all screaming obscenities that would make a trucker blush. All in all, a win is a win. I\'m glad they pulled this one out, but I\'m not going to get TOO hyped up about it. There\'s still 7 more games to be played.

JKool 11-14-2004 05:19 PM

Well, that was a close one.

I followed the play by play on


I agree with you on all the negatives. I also think that they didn\'t buckle down in the second half. All I noted was big plays by our D and by their O. I wasn\'t paying that close attention in the third though, so you may be right.

Mull#5 11-14-2004 09:40 PM

Well, that was a close one.
yeah, i live in Australia man, i got up at 5 o\'clock this morning and logged on to the net and watched it on the live game updates on an awesome game, i wish i could\'ve watched it really!!!

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JKool 11-15-2004 02:45 AM

Well, that was a close one.
Mull, buddy, THAT is dedication!

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