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First-time post

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; My first time to post even though I have been reading this forum for about two years. Sorry, but I need to vent some. These thoughts are really nothing new and probably others have said the same thing...But this is ...

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First-time post

My first time to post even though I have been reading this forum for about two years. Sorry, but I need to vent some. These thoughts are really nothing new and probably others have said the same thing...But this is like therapy for me.

Wow! Unbelievable...even for the Saints...even more dissapointing than last year! I have been a fan since I was a kid (36 yrs old now) and remember the Bum Phillips days...Ken Stabler( the Snake), Earl Campbell, etc...

also the Mora era which in retrospect is probably the golden age of the Saints. I mean really, although they were conservative and did not win a playoff game, the had a consistent run at making the playoffs and were at least a solid team with very solid defenses.

Then the huge Ditka debacle!! What a joke! And amazingly we picked up Kerry Collins and then couldn't develop him...(wow, he is having an incredible year in New York)...and Ricky Williams...he looks like a completely different player at Miami! ...

and then the surprising Haslett Saints of his first year, and a playoff win...But besides that one year, it has been the same usual disappointment. Think about it, long-time Saints fans. This is the overall normal routine for us. Except for the Golden Age (then would wait until after we lost our first playoff game to bellyache!) This is becoming more difficult to bear. ESPECIALLY....

when the coach and player DO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY! And they have played absolutely passionless! There does not seem to be any urgency! Ever since the bye week...they have played FLAT. Same thing last year...well, 9-11 and then the bye...Flat the rest of the season. I would like to chime in and say YES!! to those who criticize the smiling players who congratulate the winning team and the end of the game...Do they care that they lost? I mean good sportmanship is one thing, but they just don't seem to care, do they? They don't seem to...the fans? negative? full of passion? I would have to say yes and that is one of the biggest criticisms I have...The team just doesn't get it. Or if they do they don't show it! That is why I think everyone is so upset. The fans show their passion, the players don't!

It is not the losing. We are accustomed to that. It is the rolling over and dying that has happened the last 2 years. We are not getting beat. WE are beating ourselves and shooting ourselves in the foot, take that back, shooting ourselves in the head! The fans supportive!?! I think so, but where is the team supportive of the fans? Brooks "I don't play for the fans" Well, isn't that OBVIOUS! Haslett---show some emotion! AND for heaven's sake criticize yourself and the team when it is so obvious that you deserve criticism!@@! The team absolutely squandered all opportunities this year. Look at the game Sunday...Michael Lewis great return....Reed fumble....Micheal Lewis great return....tipped pass that by some miracle was caught on the last drive...Brooks interception...all this and the Browns BEAT THE FALCONS!! It hurts bad! The two players I feel the most pain for are Michael Lewis and Deuce...The played with passion...where was the rest of the team. So many times those two guys stepped it up, only to have the opportunity squandered by a turnover or an ineffective offense!

My dad has always been suspicious of the Saints organization. You know our history of corrupt government. He is convinced that people are paid off in the Saints orgainzation. To lose at certain times. Well, he has lots of conspiracy theories. But sometimes a fan does have to scratch his head and wonder, huh? I always thought he was crazy but sometimes his explanation is the only one that makes any sense after a year like this one. As Fats Domino sang...."AINT THAT A SHAME!"
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First-time post

Good post deeply. I agree with you. This team played like they thought the opponants would just lay down and let the Saints walk into the playoffs. If i live to be 100 years old I\'ll never understand it. This is a very good football team. They just showed no heart after the bye week. It was like someone unplugged them. As for blameing the fans, how can we deserve any blame? It\'s not us playing or coaching for that matter. Sure we boo the things that are blatantly wrong but I think it would be hard to find fans that stick with a team more than Saints fans. At one time fans wore bags over their heads to the games but they still went to the games. We have backed this team when no one else would. How do you think New York fans would react to this last half of the season? There\'d be a lynching. I\'m not sure anyone should be fired but I do believe something needs to be changed. I guess if no one buys tickets to next years games we\'ll know how bad we are as fans. As for AB saying he doesn\'t play for the fans, where does he think Benson gets the money to pay him? If you don\'t sell tickets no one gets paid!

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Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt!!!!!

"Every time you think, you weaken the nation!" Moe Howard...The Three Stooges.
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First-time post

I agree with all of you. I am a Saints fan, but I do hide my colors. Its not that I dont support the team. I have been going to Saints games since the mid 80s and Im only 21. It is the fact that they choke more than our great President. I go to all the games I let people know I go to the games I let people know Im a Saints fan if they ask. I am not gonna go all out for this team till I think they are going all out for me. I hate getting the verbal abuse given out by other fans about our teams poor play. So I avoid it but not wearing Saints shirts, hats, jackets...etc. Im not ashamed, but would rather walk away than have to have a dunk Falcon fan jump in my face and tell me that my team sucks. If I am unmarked I can walk by and not have to hear the pointless argument. I guess some people would say that I am not a fan cause I dont show how much of a fan I am. I come here... I go to the practices at Nicholls... Go to the games... do research on the draft... I mean I love the team, but I cant handle all the stress that being a Saints fan can have on a person. I wont give up, but sumtymes they make it hard not to.

Maybe Haslett doesnt know the history of this team and thats why he thinks we are unloyal and negative? I doubt it but Im trying to look for a way to not be pissed off at him. Once again they are making it hard!
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