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bleedblk&gld 11-15-2004 03:10 PM

Another week.
Ok, the Saints win against the offensivive powered high scoring Cheifs. Whoopty do. If it was'nt for the stupid mistakes and constant penalties by the Cheifs, this game would have been over by half time. I can't say i'm impressed with the Saints, but i am impressed with the way J. Horn has been stepping up and keeping this team alive. I honestly think he's matured in a way that most receivers will never reach. And i don't know if it's the Cheifs ****ty ass D-line that let Duece get over 100 yds with only 16 carries or our line just miraclously shut them down, but whatever it was i assure you with only 16 carries a game for your star runningback, your chances of winning are slim to none. And i'll say this again, Rick Venturi is a fricking morron. Pretty much the whole game they were double teaming C. Grant and D. Howard, and i know that W. Roaf can easily take on these two by himself, but for some odd reason they kept on using their guards to help block, and all Venturi had to do was send in a nice MLB blitz every so often to keep T. Green on his toes. But noooooooooooooo they decide to play a safe cover 2 with the **** coverage safties we've got. F. Brown and M. McKenzie both looked exceptionally well and so did W. Smith and B. Young. But again R. Venturi has no idea on how to use these people. So next week will be another week for me. I won't have my hopes up and i definitely won't be expecting any mistakes by the Broncos, so for the Saints they still need a **** load more of work to do on both sides of the ball. ST's did their job quite nicely yesterday. 2 thumbs up for them.

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