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SycoSurfer 12-30-2002 12:02 PM

QB Mojo...ESPN Article
I know ya'll all now see the light, but for you former ;) Brooks lovers. If you still love Brooks (Haslett and umm Haslett about sums it up) this article will shed some light on things!

Just to let you know what this article is about...

Notice that no one mentions STATS. Vick has thrown only 13 touchdown passes, the same as part-time starters Rodney Peete (Carolina) and Jim Miller (Chicago), neither of whom will get to the playoffs -- or to Canton. QB Mojo gets its value from the tangible way it affects the rest of the team . "Everyone believes in Michael Vick," says Bradshaw. "Now, he won't always do it, but the belief that he might elevates those around him."

Eagles coach Andy Reid says it all stems from the core of the quarterback himself. It's why the MOST GIFTED PASSERS don't always make great gamers. Cases in point: Ryan Leaf, Jeff George, David Klingler. Players won't follow phonies. They gravitate naturally to the real thing like metal shavings to a magnet.

Maybe AB can fall in line with these guys... Im not giving up on him yet, but now I can smile when I used to have to worry about me bashing Brooks. More ppl have seen the light! :)

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