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johnnythesaint 11-16-2004 07:28 PM

Psst!! Mcarthy.The play you wish you thought of
So here's the scenario. You are facing a third and inches, Mcarthy has the 2 TE set in, you send Boo in motion to the strong side, snap, play fake to Karney up the middle, then Aaron rolls out naked to the weak side, with Deuce lingering around in the backfield, waiting for that amazing screen we disguise so well. Worst case scenario one of their linebackers smells fake and pummels Aaron in the open field. These clowns(Broncos) have made a career out of a similar play this year. This of course would only work if we have established the run., i.e not gotten lit up in the first quarter. Any plays we haven't seen that might help old Mike cobble together a game plan?

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