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SycoSurfer 12-30-2002 12:30 PM

Sidelines/Practice: A QBs attitude to the game
"Practice! Practice! Come on we are talking about PRACTICE!" Thats what Allen Iverson said in the offseason. He realized how wrong he was and appologized. Practice make alot of what your teammates and coaches think of you. Peyton practices and studies film more than any QB in the NFL. Hmmm seems to have worked! The team and fans appreciate his effort to give them the best he can give them.

I noticed this yesterday and I wanted to go down there and kick some a$$ myself. When most QB's come off the field they walk over the the phones, O Coordinator, Head Coach, get some pictures... someone/something... AB walks over to the water cooler! He gets a green gatorade bottle and a white towel. He wraps the towel around his neck like he is working so damn hard it makes me sick. Now Jake and JT are both looking at the photos with Mike, but AB was walking around with a towel around his neck drinking water. Why is it that he doesnt have to go look at pictures and coverages with the other 2 QBs? Why is it that JAKE had to go to him and try to explain what the D is doing and how/what AB should do? To only have AB walk away. Why does Brooks get to do whatever he wants instead of work harder to try and improve to win a CRUCIAL GAME? It is obvious Brooks doesnt get what being a pro QB is all about. He is so physically gifted he thinks he can just show up and win. Problem is he cant. He doesnt work hard and at the end of every year ppl have tons of footage on him they can break him down and pick him apart. I think that we are being out coached and out worked off the field not on it. Thank GOD we have such a gifted and talented team cause if we didnt I think we would be losing alot more games by alot more points. I am praying for a total front office makeover. We need ppl that are gonna work their a$$es off to try and get things done for this team to win. If your QB doesnt want to work hard to win you think the other players are gonna try and work hard to win? You can only go as far as your QB takes you right? 2 years in a row he has taken us no where. If he doesnt know why he is being BOOED he is stupider(I dont know if that is a word or not and if it is improper or not cause Im just a fan Im allowed to be stupid if I was our QB that would be different:) than I thought he was. We need a QB that is smart, works hard, can get the team with him, and BE A LEADER!!! Lead by example! As long as AB is our leader we wont be going anywhere. At least that is how I feel.

GoldRush26 12-30-2002 01:39 PM

Sidelines/Practice: A QBs attitude to the game
How ironic....Brooks was compared to Any Given Sunday\'s Willie Beamen a couple of years true it\'s becoming because his team is tanking on him.

WhoDat 12-30-2002 01:52 PM

Sidelines/Practice: A QBs attitude to the game
Why does Brooks get special treatment? I mean, Syco\'s right, he is never doing those things any other QB does. I lost all respect for him when he came out of whatever game it was and Jake went in. Any other starting QB puts on the headset, stands next to the coach, and roots for this other QB. He went back to the bench and was goofing off.

Why is that? Well, I know a couple of doctors over at West Jefferson who help out the Saints as trainers. They see a lot of the players. Both have said to me on different occassions that Brooks is a 10 year old. He\'s about as smart and about as mature. He absolutely REQUIRES special attention from the coaches and it\'s still not enough. God, I hope they shop him around or at least get a new coach who will treat him the way he deserves to be treated. If nothing else, Jake\'s work ethic and team spirit will shine through and he\'ll get the nod.

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