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WhoDat 12-30-2002 02:19 PM

OK, I think that if the Saints are going to make any significant changes to the team, it is likely to be done within the next two weeks. Especially coaching changes, which tend to be fast in order to give the new coach time to plan a draft, evaluate talent, and make moves in the free agent market.

This is day 1. I think it is safe to safe that if we haven't heard anything from Benson within the next 13 days, there won't be any changes.

Sometimes teams wait until after the Super Bowl, when the season has officially ended, so we could hear something then, but my money is on now, when the sting of the last three games still hurts. If change is going to take place, it will be now. Count down the days men... but expect another dissapointment when you hear nothing but silence until May.

MarkClark 12-30-2002 02:23 PM

If anything happens it will wait until after the Superbowl. Unfortunately the organization does not perceive a problem exists, so coaching changes may be out of the question.

Mark Clark

WhoDat 12-30-2002 03:20 PM

That\'s something I keep asking myself. If I\'m Tom Benson I\'m f--king pissed. I\'m throwing chairs and slapping people around and firing left and right. Same for Loomis, who, aside from Benson, is ultimately to blame. It\'s his job to put a winning team led by the best coach on the field every Sunday.

Apathy is defined by this town, and especially by it\'s long time pro sports organization.

daviddrake2 12-30-2002 07:11 PM

Apathy is an understatement! How long can Benson expect the city, state, generous corporate sponsors and companies that buy out the remaining unsold tickets each week, not to mention the fans to keep supporting a team that seems to do everything it can to lose?

No matter how good the SAINTS seem to be each year and no matter how much support they get, they find a way to F#(K it up, i.e. bad player and coaching moves, horrible onfield performances (especially late season collapses), infighting, apathy, you name it. This is an organization that has lacked direction from day one and apparantly Benson has no idea how do run it. Otherwise, how could he (or let those he puts in the position to do so) make so many really bad decisions that affect the team?

Hey, I appreciate Benson stepping up when he did to keep the SAINTS in New Orleans, but I would not mind one bit if there was a change in ownership -- just keep the SAINTS at home. Maybe then the new owner would clean house and put together a team that really WANTS to win, not just get paid!!!

David in Houston

lumm0x 01-02-2003 01:24 PM

I agree that ownership and front office management should be upset. Jim Haslett as the coach is the man responsible for the final result of every game. Just like a store manager in a retail shop he has to either motivate his personnel to a satisfactory level, train them to achieve that level, or replace them with a better candidate. If the store falters because of these decisions that manager is ultimately the problem. You can\'t blame ownership for anything other than retaining a poor manager.
Now don\'t get me wrong....I like Jim Haslett. He\'s hard nosed and unfortunately a little hard headed. He needs to re-evaluate his own we keep Rick Venturi or move him to a new role? I don\'t question his dedictaion to the team but he is not an effective D-coordinator. Some of the positional coaches may be fine if they are instructed to run the defensive scheme in a more effective fashion.
I find it difficult to see some people bashing Mickey Loomis already. He basically inherited a team about to begin the season. He had no opportunity to impact our readiness for the season and regardless we didn\'t have a bad start. He cannot be faulted for the late slide. Let\'s give him an offseason draft and free agency period and see what falls from there......until then cut him some slack.

JOESAM2002 01-02-2003 05:34 PM

I\'d like to nominate Mark Cuban for the new Saints owner. This guy treats the players and fans like kin. If the fans love you, you must be doing something right. :)

FWtex 01-02-2003 06:41 PM

lumm0x, I am right with you on those thoughts.

Joesam, Cuban is a great owner but one of the best things he does is expect and demand his people to win. That goes a long way. I was watching a Don Nelson interview the other day and he bluntly called out a player in a slump and said if he does not start playing better quickly he may not be on the team much longer. He has done this since he joined the mavs and the players get along with him very well.

We need Benson to remind his staff it is a \"what have you done for me today\" business and make it clear that msg is heard at the player level. Haz needs to tell his team they are no longer \"young\" and take the kid gloves off. The excuses only give them a reason not to get better.

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