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Colby Bockwaldt

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Is he playing? He made a tackle on the last drive and of course in Texas I can only see the Cowboys. How is he looking?...

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Colby Bockwaldt

Is he playing? He made a tackle on the last drive and of course in Texas I can only see the Cowboys. How is he looking?
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Colby Bockwaldt

He is playing. He also looks like he wants to play.He started in place of Rodgers.
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Colby Bockwaldt

i love bockwodlt
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Colby Bockwaldt

Yeah he is a gun, how is Mike Karney doing?
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Colby Bockwaldt

As I sat at yesterdays game and saw all the horrible plays that brooks made, the only bright spot was Colby. He was the only one on the D that was playing the way he should. He was flying around making plays. Does any one know how many tackles he ended up with?
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Colby Bockwaldt

At this point Bockwaldt is the best LB on the team.He is the only one who is always in position to make plays.He doesn\'t miss tackles and he can cover pretty well too.The guy is an ace on special teams too.Just think, he was our 7th rounder.Most 7th rounder don\'t even make the team much less become the best player at a given position.Unbelievable !
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Colby Bockwaldt

H-E-A-R-T and D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N.
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Colby Bockwaldt

BuckWheat was everywhere yesterday... I was amazed at how many tymes they called his name. He was a lil off on coverage, but he is a Rookie LB starting his first game. However, he never missed a tackle and he played incredible... Im glad to see him playing so well... Looks like one hole that we can wait on... Now if only C. Watson could get on the field and play like BuckWheat... We might not have to look at LB until the 3rd or 4th Round... Im glad we are starting to let the rookies play. It looks like they want to play and actually give a damn about this team... I was proud of BuckWheat... One of the only brightspots of the day.
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Colby Bockwaldt

If I remember the scouting reports correctly they stated he had good instincts, very fast, and decent size, but not very strong, yet. He got pushed around quite a bit by power teams.
The skinny (pardon the pun) on him was he needed a year or two in a solid NFL conditioning program to become a bit more NFL strong. One scout even stated he couldn\'t wait to see how this kid would developed if he did add enough strength.

Oddly enough, as raw and un-developed as he is he seemed to make more plays yesterday than I\'ve seen Hodge and Allen make all year.

On a reality note, this kid probably wouldn\'t start but on a couple of teams in the league. I think Hodge and Allen have been every bit as disappointing as Johnathan Sulk-ivan. Even with the horrid coaching staff they should have gotten at least somewhat better. Our LB\'s may be the worst the NFL has seen in a decade. Our top 3 LB\'s are two rookies and a Miami cast-off.

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