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WhoDat 12-30-2002 03:10 PM

Cut the secondary some slack!!!!!!
I've seen a lot of people bashing our secondary. That's ridiculous. Our defense was bad this year, but in my opinion, this remains the most talented secondary we've ever had.

Everyone keeps talking about how great Dale Carter is, I just don't get it. For starters, Carter did play great most of the time... In all EIGHT games he played. Before we start calling Carter a stud, let's remember exactly how many games he played in. I'll take a guy who can suit up for 16 over one who suits up for 8 any day. Don't forget, right now he's hurt and he's loose in New Orleans... the odds of him playing again next year are not spectacular, although I do foresee him in black and gold on opening day.

Next, Sammy Knight did not have the year people expected, but he remains one of the better safeties in the league. Fred Thomas is also a good cover corner, and I think a lot of people are misreading their talent.

Think about it, the Saints didn't do much to stop the run this year and had no pass rush. That means that guys like Knight had to come up into the box rather than sit back and worry about pass coverage. The corners all had to delay their drops for a second to make sure the play was a pass, otherwise they had to come up in run support. Even in obvious passing downs the front four put no pressure on opposing QBs. You simply cannot cover a WR in the NFL for more than five seconds. Period.

Get rid of bellamy, fine. Find another guy like Carter to be the starter and use Thomas in nickel, fine. But let's remember where our real problems are.

1. Coaches
2. Linebacker
3. Quarterback
4. Defensive Tackle

Please don't start talking about our secondary until those other MUCH bigger problems are addressed.

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