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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Whodi, Who made you ask this: And why is it the assumption we need someone with AB\'s \"talent\" to replace him? No one in this thread made this assumption, at least as far as I can tell. [Edited on 24/11/2004 ...

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Who made you ask this:
And why is it the assumption we need someone with AB\'s \"talent\" to replace him?
No one in this thread made this assumption, at least as far as I can tell.

[Edited on 24/11/2004 by JKool]
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PS - Who, the thing that started me on this \"not the biggest problem thing\" was this:

If ANYONE watched the game yesterday and still doesnt think AB is at least half the problem then they don\'t know football.
Which you, Who, did NOT say.

Feeling persecuted these days? Maybe you need some time off to hug some trees... I find it quite relaxing myself...
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Danno! You want to trade Duece!!!!

He\'s THE ONLY GOOD PLAYER who has ever worn a Saints jersey!!! (Unless Joe Montana wore one as a joke one time maybe...)


Some people don\'t know a darn thing about football.

Cheers. :heartpump:
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I\'m beating you with my eyes all day - :hallucine:
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I hate AB, but let\'s see what some other teams have to work with...

CHI - M. Krenzel
ARI - J. McCown/S. King
MIA - J. Fiedler/A.J. Feely
BUF - D. Bledsoe
DAL - V. Testaverde/D. Henson
CIN - C. Palmer
OAK - K. Collins
BAL - K. Boller

I hate AB. Does anyone feel any better? I hate AB. How \'bout a little Krenzel action? I hate AB. Kerry Collins, remember me? I hate AB...
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I like the analogy of AB as an anyeurism, BrooksMustGo. And our defense is like getting stabbed 80 times. Well, what do you do first when you get the Sainst to the hospital (off season)? Try and work on the anyeurism first? Or the stabs that will completeley kill the Saints in a few minutes??

BrooksMustGo, what do YOU do in the off season if you\'re hired as coach. Fire AB first? Give up draft picks to get Brees? Will Brees be able to carry our crappy team on his shoulders?? Brooks Must Go.
OK, here\'s the BMG offseason plan.
1. Get a quality GM from someone like New England, Philly or Baltimore.

2. Hire a coach like Brad Childress, Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weiss, etc.

3. I don\'t think Brees is the right move. If San Diego has a lick of sense (and I know that\'s a big if), they franchise Brees and make someone pay through the nose for him. That doesn\'t work for us.

4. I think that our GM/coach has to face some facts. We need a rebuild. Joe Horn will be too expensive to keep if he won\'t restructure--we either trade or release him. Darren Howard will probably be too expensive, I don\'t see us putting the tag on him. So right there, we have Pathon and Stallworth and Smith starting. Boo will have to actually do something and Henderson will have to learn to run routes.

5. I\'d like to restructure Joe since he\'s our most productive WR. If we can\'t I\'d like to trade to someone that would give us a 2nd rounder for him. I\'m not sure this is likely, but the worst case is we release Joe and get no value for him.

6. Brooks is the only trade-able player we have that we can get good value for. So I\'d go to someone like Miami, San Fran, Oakland or Arizona and try to deal him.

For instance in a Miami deal I\'d try and trade Brooks for Surtain, a 2nd rounder and a conditional 2nd next year. Surtain, McKenzie, Craft and Brown would provide a serviceable set of CB\'s for the time being, and let us get serious about fixing run defense. I wonder if Miami might take Brooks and Stecker for Surtain and a 1st rounder though? Probably not, but fun to think about.

With San Fran, I\'d try and deal him for Kwame Harris at LT, a 2nd and 3rd this year and maybe a 3rd next year. If Harris could start at LT, maybe we could move Gandy to RT and buy ourselves another year to really fix the O-line?

With Oakland, I\'d try and swap him for Napolean Harris, a 2nd and maybe a 3rd next year. Or maybe try to deal for both Harris and Stuart Schweigert. I really think Al Davis might go crazy about getting Brooks and having a vertical passing game again.

With Arizona, I\'d try and get Karlos Dansby and a 2nd and maybe a 3rd next year. Denny Green might be able to do something with Brooks, he might be open to a trade.

It\'s just hard to tell exactly what Brooks trade value is right now, but that\'s the way I\'d go. I\'d try to trade for key defensive players and picks to try and help those 80 stab wounds and cure our aneurysm at the same time.

7. I\'d get the very best deal I could for Brooks and then work a deal with Jax for David Garrard or Atlanta for Matt Schaub and let the new head coach develop him.

8. Spend our first rounder on a LB. Use free agency to get a 2 gap DT. Use our second round pick on a prospect at LT if we can\'t resolve the position by trade.

I\'m not sure everything falls into place next year, but I think we could probably manage 8-8 if we made good use of free agency. By that I mean, fix the o-line and give our opponents a steady dose of Deuce, kind of like the Steelers are doing this year.

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Third and seven. Favre drops back, throws down the middle and its picked off. Commentator\"oh wow!! You can see how angry Brett is with himself for throwing that int as he walks to the sidelines.\"

Third and seven. Brooks drops back, throws down the middle , and its picked off. Commentator \" Why the hell is Brooks smiling as he walks to the sidelines!! Does he realize he just threw a touchdown to the other team!!\"

Favre plays with fierce intensity! He wants to win every game. He\'s OLD SCHOOL! Brooks doesn\'t even come close in comparison. Just my opinion, though.

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The interception leads to seven points against... who cares who threw it or what their attitude is - the result is the same either way.

Look, I agreed that Farve and Brooks are different players. They play with different styles. My point was this: making bad (read - stupid) plays regularly will not necessarily kill the team\'s chance of winning (Farve makes the same bone head plays that Brooks does and GB can still win, make the playoffs, etc).

In fact, your example just shows that people evaluate players skills on completely irrelevant facts, like whether or not they \"look angry\" after an interception - they both did THE SAME dumb thing.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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If you ever, ever ever ever ever ever, post six times in a row, in one thread, I will disown you and start editing posts at random- and they\'ll be funny!!!! :P
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JKool, these are the responses I am talking about:

The guy puts up numbers, even in a loss, even in a loss he\'s (at least partly) responsible for. I mean, look around fellas (and ladies). Who are we jelous of? Feely? Ramsey? Green? Krenzel? Collins?
I think the bottom line is that, while brooks is no A qb or even a B qb, his stats put him as one of the brighter spots on the team. and while stats don\'t win games, teams that win consistently, consistently put up good statistics.
BUT he will win 8-10 games for us if our defense doesn\'t give up 10 miles a game, for the mean time.
Though not directly stated, these comments directly imply that Brooks is worth keeping around because he A)puts up numbers, B) stats make him one of the brighter spots on the team, and C) would win 8-10 games with a better D. Obviously the people who posted this in this thread feel Brooks\' \"talent\" is what we need cause he puts up numbers. Go check the posts out for yourself. Wha I was saying is I don\'t think we even need a qb as \"talented\" as Brooks, just one who knws when to throw the ball away, when to take a sack, how not to audible a run into an 8 man front, and how to manage the game. AB has none of these qualities.
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