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GoldRush26 12-30-2002 03:34 PM

Coaches-Marvin Lewis
Ass.coaches-Dave Campo
QB-Byron Leftwiych(sp)...Saints can\'t afford Plummer)
OL is fine just the way it is....just get rid of Fontenot.

WhoDat 12-30-2002 03:52 PM

Coaches - I like Marvin Lewis, you\'ve all probably heard that by now. Other guys with NFL experience that may or may not be available are Norv Turner, Mooch (SF), Mora (How funny would that be?), Coughlin, Holgrem may be available.

I also wouldn\'t mind seeing Dave Campo as our Defensive Coordinator (since no one will hire him as a head coach after the Dallas debacle). Nick Saben is a great choice for coach as well.

QB - I think we have the one we need in Jake if we can resign him. Bulger may be an option. Plummer too. Drafting a guy won\'t work, we need someone with experience. Rookie QBs take too damn long to mature.

Our O-line is perfectly fine, don\'t touch it. TE - not my specialty.

*Peter Boulware - Ravens
*Takeo Spikes - Bengals
Jamir Miller - Browns
Kevin Hardy - Cowboys
Michael Barrow - Giants
Rosevelt Colvin - Bears
*Hardy Nickerson - Packers
Chad Brown - Seahawks
*Keith Brooking - Falcons
*Sheldon Quarles - Bucs

ErikFlowers DE - Bills
Willie McGinest DE - Patriots
Adalius Thomas DE - Ravens
Michael McCrary DE - Ravens
*Chester McGlockton DT - Broncos
Michael Strahan DE - Giants
*Hugh Douglas DE - Eagles
Keith Traylor DT - Bears
*Gilbert Brown DT - Packers
*Earl Dotson DT - Packers
*Vonnie Holliday DE - Packers
*Cletidus Hunt DT - Packers
*K. Gbaja-Biamila DE - Packers
*Joe Johnson DE - Packers
Lance Johnstone DE - Vikings
Brian Young DT - Rams
John Thierry DE - Falcons
Brady Smith DE - Falcons

*Tebucky Jones S - Patriots
*Chris McAlister CB - Ravens
Earl Little S - Browns
Corey Fuller CB - Browns
Lethon Flowers S - Steelers
Marcus Coleman CB - Texans
Aaron Glenn CB - Texans
Donovin Darius S - Jags
Ray Crockett CB - Chiefs
Jason Sehorn CB - Giants
Todd Lyght CB - Lions
Tod McBride CB - Packers
Tyrone Williams CB - Packers
Aeneas Williams CB - Rams
Shawn Springs CB - Seahawks
Keion Carpenter S - Falcons
Fred Weary CB - Falcons
Ashley Ambrose CB - Falcons
Ray Buchanan CB - Falcons
Gerald McBurrows S - Falcons

On defense, take your pick. There\'s a lot of talent out there in the free agent market. Offensively, if it ain\'t broke... and it ain\'t, except at QB... and maybe coordinator.

WhoDat 12-30-2002 11:25 PM

Boulware, Brookings, and Spikes are the stud LBs. I\'d like to see the Saints pick one of them up. The Packers have a ton of great talent on their D Line. No way they can keep it all. There will probably be a lot of teams jockeying for them though. I like all three Mcs available on the D Line as well as Douglas and Strahan, but I don\'t know if the Saints can go out and get these guys.

WhoDat 12-31-2002 10:19 AM

I doubt Emmitt will go anywhere if he isn\'t going to be \"the man\" there, but you make a great point that has been overlooked. That\'s a great place to look for a third round pick up.

dmanlapadu 01-03-2003 09:17 AM

I for one think that we need to bring back the days of our feared LB corp. Why didn\'t we try to pick up Trev Faulk when he was on waviers.

Two I would love to see drafted, Bradie James (LB) and Corey Redding (DE), those two kicked butt in the Cotton Bowl and all year long.

Another pos to address, TE, Sloan was a total wash, is Winslow a senior??????

Dreaming I guess!!!!!!!!!!! :casstet: :casstet:

pakowitz 01-03-2003 09:49 AM

ok, sorry gator, i just havent felt like posting that much lately, keeping my griping to myself, thats the way i am, but i think that we didnt utilize both our TEs, sloan was a probowler for detroit for several years, AB just doesnt use either one of them, sloan or boo williams.

pakowitz 01-03-2003 09:55 AM

exactly, brooks doesnt use these guys who are key parts of offensive success

bws 01-03-2003 10:14 AM

My general wish list includes:
New Defensive Coordinator (but keep Rick Venturi for other duties)
OLB & backup LBs
Backup RB
Backup QB (if Jake leaves)
Backup DE
K &/or P (if one or both are lost in free agency)

SaintStoneyMount 01-03-2003 11:31 AM

Mike McCarthy needs a tune up, some help or a new address. Aaron needs to work hard to correct his pocket movement. He is taking the wrong step all the time. I would also like to see his long ball game improve during the off season. We need to retain Delhome at all cost. Jake should get at shot at starting next year. I don\'t likethis Aaron\'s the man mentality. Jake deserves a fair shot. Best man lines up at QB. This should always be the case. The line is good Fontenot is still playiing good ball but is a step slow at times. I think we need to work in the new center and another one of the younger guys.
We need a solid veteran corner who can stop a play, who won\'t be suspended half the season and hurt an eigth of the season. We need some speed and playmaking at LB and another solid Back up at defensive line.
We need a defensive coordinator and Venturi needs to stay around cause he is an all around great coach, His defense was suspect and never really came together. Haslett needs to stop going to those anger managment classes and freak out all over the place when the team start BSin around and the playoffs are on the line.
We need a backup for deuce so he doesn\'t have to risk his career hobbling on a bad ankle. We need to use the t ight ends (right Pak).
We need to win the Damn Superbowl.
Norman Hand needs to get in even better shape. Charles Grant needs to continue to develop. We need to retain our people as much as possible.

Draft best athlete available in these catagories.


WhoDat 01-04-2003 10:28 AM

I agree Gator, but it won\'t happen. Haslett is definitely not going anywhere... any changes would have been made already. Maybe, maybe, later this year you\'ll hear about the hiring of a new D coordinator, but again, I\'m not betting on it. Next year the Saints will be the same team. The same.

The one good thing I can say is that I heard Haslett talking about going to a 3-4 next year. Great idea Haslett, DIDN\'T I SAY THAT ON THIS BOARD TWO MONTHS AGO? Jesus, how can I see it before them? That\'s sad.

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