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BigBull45 11-22-2004 06:16 AM

Mr. Benson Quoted
I was listening to the post game wrap up show on the radio Sunday afternoon.The media caught something unusual while waiting outside the locker room for Jim Haslett's post game press conference.Mr. Tom Benson along with his new wife were stepping off of the elavator after viewing the onslaught by the Broncos.Mr. Benson wasted no time in talking to the media.This is very unusual in the fact that Benson is usually behind the scenes when it comes to talking to the media about his opinions on the teams performances.However,this time he sounded off like a cannon.You could tell by the tone in his voice he was very irate.he even waited while reporters got their recorders set and repeated every word with the same intensity.Mr. Benson said "This was the worst performance I've seen from this club in the 20 years since I've owned them.They looked like a bunch of high school kids out there,and that's where they all ought to be playing." Buddy Diliberto even went so far as to say Benson was giving high school football a bad name.

Hey look guys I attended the game Sunday,and the performance of the team as well as the attendance by fans was pitiful.There were 15,000 to 20,000 no shows, and a big chunk of that was the fans with the most expensive season tickets (The Club Level Seating).Does that mean that fans can't even give away premium tickets?What a joke! The Louisiana Governor, Kathleen Blanco attended the game and she left at half time.I guess she had seen enough.This just days after Mr. Benson gave the state a proposal and ultimatum to either build a new stadium or enhance the current deal between the state and the organization including renovating the dome and building a new 25 acre tailgating park near the stadium.Talk about bad timing! Who knows how this thing will play out. :casstet:

4saintspirit 11-22-2004 07:56 AM

Mr. Benson Quoted
:mad2: Sad -- really sad. The only good thing to come out of this is that Hazbeen, all of his staff and the front office will be gone next year. If I were Haz I would be working on my resume and contact list instead of preparing for the Atlanta game. My big fear though is that this may be the thing that makes the state decide to give up trying to keep the Saints. Afterall -- as much as I love the Saints its real hard for even myself to believe arguments for guaranteeing Benson money. I would at least tie the payments to the wins/loss season.

BigBull45 11-22-2004 09:08 AM

Mr. Benson Quoted
I agree with you wholeheartedly 4saint.

Can it really be that hard for Mr. Benson to figure out what it takes to have a winner in New Orleans?Maybe he just isn\'t willing to spend his money like some other owners do.He wants the state to guarantee that they will help finance a winner.If the state gives in to Benson\'s demands then maybe he will spend a little more money knowing that his bank account won\'t take a huge hit.Granted the NFL is a business and in business the bottom line is profit,but win you own a sports franchise you also have to have a passion for winning at all costs.I don\'t think Benson has that.I\'m sure he wants to win,but not at all costs.He watches every penny along the way.

I believe this is why Randy Mueller was fired as GM and Loomis was promoted to GM.Mueller wasn\'t so much worried about the money side of it.He was more worried about putting the best available product on the field even if it meant spending a little more.Loomis is more of a watch dog over Bensons money.When Mueller started making deals without consulting Benson first it probably raised red flags.Benson probably said I\'ve got to stop this before he makes a big deal and spends too much.Now we have Loomis running the show.

Mickey Loomis consults with Tom Benson before he ever begins to negotiate with a players agent.He has to give a full and detailed report as to why he believes each player he tries to sign will help this football team.Something I don\'t think Mueller really found necessary.Loomis has no real knowledge of how to evaluate talent.He just depends on what Jim Haslett and Rick Mueller tells him.What Loomis does know how to do is save a penny through contract negotiations and keep the Saints out of salary cap problems

As far as the talent evaluation on this team goes,I think both Mueller and Haslett both know the difference between a top notch talent and a talent with potential.I just don\'t think with the way Benson runs his organization with Loomis as the watch dog reporting every move to him,that the top notch talent can be had for the asking price.Therefore you have Rick Mueller and Jim Haslett taking a shot at players who are young and have the potential to be special at some point because the price is far lower.They can sign them for longer contracts making the lump sum of the contract dispensible over a longer period of time.They also try to fill holes using older veterans who were very productive throughout their careers,but have since reached their prime.They signed these guys to buy them time to let their potential talent develop.Something that doesn\'t seem to be happening. :casstet:

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