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FWtex 12-30-2002 11:13 PM

Why the saints should hire Campo
The saints should get an offer over to Dave Campo this week to be the Def. Coord. Campo brings three assetts this team needs desperately and he would fit in better than any other coach in the league. First off Campo knows how to prepare a defense and have them ready every week. Second, Jimmy Johnson hired Campo when he became Coach of the cowboys. Campo has seen what it takes for a team to be a winner. The saints need a leader on the team and if it has to start with a coach there is not a better one. Third, Campo has a passion for the game and it is evident in the way he acts and talks. This is a coach the players love to play for and yet he still gets in their face when they screw up.

Campo has a personality that gels with everyone of all walks of life. He should not have any problems fitting in with the existing staff or the people in New Orleans. Heck he already talks like he is from New Orleans.

The saints need Campo. If the saints don't pick him up soon he will be the Def. Coord of another team next year.

WhoDat 12-30-2002 11:37 PM

Why the saints should hire Campo
agreed - he\'s number two on my list, just behind Marvin Lewis as head coach. Of course, since that won\'t happen, Campo becomes number 1 by acclamation.

saintz08 12-31-2002 12:58 AM

Why the saints should hire Campo
D.C. / asst head coach
Marvin Lewis or Monte Kiffin either works for me .

Campo - I like that thought , a defensive coordinator that is a defensive coordinator . It may take so time getting used to after the past few years but I think I can do it .....

FWtex 12-31-2002 01:27 AM

Why the saints should hire Campo
Problem with Lewis and Kiffin is they are under contract already as Def. Coord. In order for a team to take a coach under contract from another team they have to hire them to a higher position. This makes the Campo scenario that much more appealing.

pakowitz 12-31-2002 01:29 AM

Why the saints should hire Campo
this is my one post for the day, i think dave campo would be a great addition to our team, and he would really solidify our defense just like he did with the Dallas D. if he can have the same affect on our D as tony dungy has done with the colts or the way john fox has done with the panthers i will be very pleased, so lets go for super dave campo!!!!

saintz08 12-31-2002 01:36 AM

Why the saints should hire Campo
Fw tex

That is why I gave them assistant head coach titles . I moved them up , for the sake of this scenario at least .

Campo looks good to me as D.C. , then again any true defensive coordinator would look good to me at this point .

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