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shadowdrinker_x 11-23-2004 11:30 AM

Message to Atlanta Fans
It does not matter the outcome of the Game..In any possible scenario..we will come out winners..let me explain...

By the way..I saw the poll on your message boards..about beating us so bad they fire haslett..we win

N.O. wins..even a win is disgusting...the owner called them high schoolers..why would inconsisitency be a good thing? this season is over..and our win would be as meaningless as yours would..noone is going to catch you in the division race anyway...the team is sent to oblivion..rebuild ensues....we win

Atlanta wins but vick is lost for the season..we win

Atlanta wins and injures several saints players, resulting in a winnless second half of the year...we win

I can't really see how we can lose?

your meaningless wins solidify our chances of a quality draft..and a good shot at an instant turnaround..we win

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