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Boccal 11-24-2004 03:48 PM

2005 free agents
As bad as it is to say I hope we don't win anymore this year. And I know you guys will call me on this. After reviewing the upcoming free agents I propose a few questions to you. Would you guys be willing to give up a first rounder to get Julian Peterson from SanFran. Or how would you guys feel about getting Sammy Knight back?
also so there are the two corners that will probably never see the free agent market in Ken Lucus and Fred Smoot. If I had to choose which of these two will test the waters I would say Smoot would be the one. What would you guys think for MM and FS as our corners?

Danno 11-24-2004 04:08 PM

2005 free agents
Nearly all the sexy FA\'s will be re-signed before we even get a shot at them. Same thing happened last year. Many of the ones that did make it to market were way over-paid, especially the CB\'s.
Instead of identifying individual players it might be more prudent to just identify specific positions we should address. Hopefully a new regime will be doing the addressing.

My wish list:
SLB-doesn\'t need to be a franchise stud, although it would be nice. Just a solid proven veteran with a few years left under his belt would be fine. I\'ll leave it to you guys to provide names because I\'m not up to speed yet.

MLB-Watson very well may ba a solid MLB but I think at this stage he would be a better WLB because of his speed. I\'d love to bring in a solid vet that won\'t break the bank but would be an upgrade over what we have. A stabilizing force while Watson grows.

WLB-Rodgers has been decent but we could do better. I\'d like to place Watson there and let a 225lb Cie Grant back him up. If Cie\'s knee will allow it. At 225 lbs it may stand up to the beating.

DT-I\'d love to bring in a good 1-tech DT (what Sullivan was supposed to be). It would let Young do his thing much more effectively. Its the one position I wouldn\'t mind over-paying for. Of course with the Sullivan disaster I don\'t see this happening unless the new GM has a real set.

SS-I wouldn\'t mind a bit if Sammy came back as long as our FS and CB\'s have good speed.

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