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saintz08 07-27-2002 01:07 AM

Rather amusing thought , of the top three draft picks the player we need the least might take the longest to sign .

Bentley is a projected starter
Grant is a projected starter
Stallworth is 3rd and hopes he can move up faster , Pathon is not going to roll over and play whipping boy , he has some issues to work out loud and proud for those who doubted him . Jake can easily handle duties at the number 3 position .
If Stallworth continues his show me the money impersonation , I hope Loomis focuses on Bentley . There are bigger fish to fry , Haslett and Brooks and then Turley . If he sits he sits , we need corners .
Turley needs to be resigned while his buddy Fontenot is around, or he might aim for a surf state , I would hate to see Turley sign with the Raiders .

saintz08 07-27-2002 04:45 PM

Had that sneaking suspicion Brooks needed some attention , well at least we will get this started sooner then later .Its kinda funny when you think about it , Jake is getting more then Brooks .

Halo 07-28-2002 11:57 PM

Jake looked really nervous at the first night practive, then he settled down today. I think there was a storm surrounding the whole club on Saturday and Jake felt it. Now everyone seem more confortable at camp, except for Loomis and Has- they certainly don\'t want to talk about Brooks. Either they don\'t want it to get worse than it is, or their angry he\'s not there, or their sticking by their guns and not addressing him until he comes to Thibodaux.

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